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Can't you get enough of nature? A trip to the mountain of Montserrat from Barcelona would be a perfect choice. Montserrat is a multi-peaked mountain and it is located a little bit outside of Barcelona, 720 meters above the sea level. It is constituted of beautiful mountains and a green environment as far as the eye can see. Around the 11th century a monastery was founded in the mountains of Montserrat by an abbot named Oliba. Nowadays, approximately 80 monks live in Montserrat according to the rules of Saint Benedict.


The monastery is known for its carving of Our Lady of Montserrat and was given the name La Moreneta, ‘the Dark One’. This name was given because of the dark skin color of the image. Furthermore, the monastery of Montserrat is also known for its boys choir (Escolania) which is said to be one of the oldest choirs of Europe.


If you want to enjoy the nature of the area, the best way to get to the monastery is by foot. There are several different paths you can choose between and it will take you about 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach the monastery. You can also go by car as the location is provided with attended car parking. Another way is to use the Cremallera, which is a rack railway taking 15 minutes to reach the monastery. It travels in an adequate pace, allowing you to enjoy the view while ascending. A further manner to reach the monastery-sanctuary is by going with the Aeri, the cable car. This is the fastest way to get there and takes only five minutes.


For many visitors in Barcelona, a trip to Montserrat was one of the highlights of their visit. Not only is Montserrat Monastery of significant religious importance, but the natural beauty surrounding the monastery is simply breathtaking.


You will definitely enjoy the walking routes through the mountains of Montserrat. From here, you will experience amazing views from the top of the mountains. It is possible to reach the top by taking a funicular to the top of the mountain. From above you can make a choice between several walks down. All of them have their own spectacular views.

How to get there


The best way to travel to Montserrat from Barcelona is to travel by train. You can catch the train from Plaza España rail station. Reach Plaza España by one of the following lines: the green line, L3 or the red line L1, which make it both very accessible from any part of Barcelona.


Once at España rail station, look for train line R5, destination Manresa. It is advisable to arrive on time at España rail station, since España rail station is quite big, it can be very confusing for tourists to find their way to R5. There are several entrances, so the best way is to just enter the first entrance you can find and once you are underground you will be lead to R5 via the information boards. You may have to walk a little bit around, but finally you will find it.


There are so many activities to do in Montserrat. Make sure you have visited the museum of Montserrat which is, the different mountain walks along with small market stalls selling country food products. As already mentioned is Montserrat for many visitors who have already been there one of the highlights of their holiday in and around Barcelona.

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