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The Udon Restaurant

This Asian restaurant chain is inspired by the Japanese cuisine and focuses its menu mainly on noodles and the concept of casual food. It has become the first noodle bar in Spain, founded in 2004. After its great success it opened three other restaurants in Barcelona. The Udon has a modern design following the Feng Shui principles and it attracts both young and the old.

The broad range of different dishes also encourages ordering a variety and then share with your fellow diners.

Ingredients are handpicked, fresh and of top-quality every day, the menu’s Japanese origin caters for the healthy and balanced diner’s needs.

The fact that the restaurant offers high quality at affordable prices makes it also an attractive option for the price conscious customer on a budget.

Service is quick and friendly and a take-away and delivery option is also available.


Udon Born: Princesa, 23, Barcelona
Udon Eixample: Consejo de ciento, 323, Barcelona
Udon Raval: Tallers, 69, Barcelona
Udon L’illa: Avenida Diagonal, 545, Barcelona
Категория: Рестораны

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