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L'Observatori Fabra

We do not know what lies beyond Barcelona’s nightsky, but how about there is a chance to come slightly closer? L’Observatori Fabra offers you this chance.

L’Observatori Fabra is place that combines scientific and astronomical observation with gastronomy. During the summer months, from June 14th until September 28th, guests are welcome to have dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. Guests are welcomed at 20.30 with a drink before moving to the balcony terrace. When assigned to a table, dinner will be served on the terrace as the night starts.

The courses are made with excellent ingredients, while being inspired by the astronomical influences. The dinner is followed by a discussion of science, a guided tour and an exceptional view through the telescope. The costs per person are € 68.50 per person, which includes dinner, lecture, the tour and the telescope observation. For children under 12 they offer a discounted price of €34,25.

This initiative is created by Sternal, SL is a company that aims to produce unique events in symbolic spaces, in combination with scientific and cultural cuisine. Call L’Observatori Fabra to reserve a table or reserve electronically on their website.


933 300 303

Часы открытия

Tuesday to Saturday, 9 am to 21 pm.

Reservations can be made electronically on their website or by phone.


Ctra. Vallvidriera Road Observatory s / n, Barcelona
Категория: Рестораны

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