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Dans Le Noir - Experience Blind Dining

Have you ever imagined having dinner in absolute darkness while being led and served by blind waiters? Yes!! Barcelona offers the most amazing experiences you could ever imagine, leaving you with irreplaceable memories. It is a chance to experiment with different flavours with the intention to excite diners through touch, smell, hearing and taste, avoiding the sense of sight.

Dans le Noir Barcelona is located at Paseo Picasso 10, in the heart of the Born. The restaurant promises diners a tasty and healthy meal accompanied by wines of great quality, using all your senses except sight. For some years Dans le Noir offered their concept of eating in the dark in cities across the world, the concept was first launched in Paris in 2004 and later in London, New York ... now in Barcelona the new model of permanent restoration.

The restaurant has a dining room for 60 people receive, they are assisted by a team of professionals including those who are blind, are responsible for meeting and accommodate diners at their tables, but before reaching this point you can enjoy a cocktail. In addition to the dining area, there’s also a lit bar and a reception lounge serving fine wines and delicious specialty cocktails before and after meals.

During this culinary experience you notice things about the texture of the food and its’ a scent you never noticed before, it also makes your imagination go a little further. Mutual trust will be a must in this sightless journey as the waiters will be your eyes. You never really appreciate what you have until you have to pass a couple of hours without your sight. What is loved most is the adventurous side of not knowing what you eat before-hand and afterwards having to figure out the color of the wine you had by taste and consistency.

After this unusual experience you are seated in groups, you are shown photos of the food and types of wine you had and diners have discussions of what they think they have tasted. Even if this idea seems to be a little strange at first, it is that by suppressing the dominant sense of sight, we each enter a world of uncertainty of our surroundings and experiences.

The offer also extends to the possibility of organizing meals for groups, book the restaurant for various events, whether cocktails, seminars, weddings, etc.


93 268 70 17

Часы открытия

Monday-Saturday: 18.00-24.00

Sunday: 12.00-19.00


Passeig de Picasso, 10, 08003 Barcelona, España


L1, stop Urquinaona and Arc de triomf
L4, stop Jaume I
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