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A Casa Portuguesa

In Gracia, in a street popular with restaurants and shops called Calle Verdi, there is a small Portuguese house named A Casa Portuguesa.

When you enter, the first thing that will catch your attention will be the wide selection of Portuguese wines including cherry liquor called ‘Ginja’ which pairs well with chocolate. And the second thing will most probably be Pastéis de Belém; little egg pastries made with cream and milk, eggs and sugar and that are very famous in Portugal.

It was opened in 2006 by two Portuguese friends that had collaborated on several cultural projects in Portugal. Being a small place and a business, A Casa Portuguesa carries out worthy events; they have fado concerts-traditional Portuguese music, book presentations, art expositions and even inaugurations.

It is not only a wine and food shop but you can get a glass of wine or bacalhau, which is typical food of Portugal. To have an idea about this small Portuguese restaurant & shop, check out their website


932 181 622

Часы открытия

Monday-Saturday: 13.00-01.00 Sunday: 13.00-20.00


Carrer Aragó, 111, 08015 Barcelona, España
Категория: Рестораны

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