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Sala Apolo

Apolo is located in the Carrer Nou de la Rambla in the Gotic district and is composed of two places, Teatre Apolo and Sala Apolo. The teatre Apolo is a theatre build in 1904 and which hosts shows, performance or musical from several artists. The most renowned place is the Sala Apolo, a club that offers several different theme for each day of the week.

It is composed of one large room with banging soundsystem; it is one of the places where you may find the freshest songs from hip hop to dubstep, rock to electro music depending on the day you go.

On Monday, there is the Nasty Monday party, one of the most renowned parties in the Catalan capital city due to the number of people it attracts and the special atmosphere that reigns within the club during this night. You may dance on rock, pop, indie or electro music. Naty Monday is the identity of the Apolo and hosts live-shows once a month.

On Tuesday, after Nasty Monday comes Crapy Tuesday, another well-known party in Barcelona that attracts also a lot of young people dancing on rock and electro music. On Wednesday, Canibal Sound System, live root music shows from international artists, the most attractive underground night of the city.

On Thursday, Cupcake party where you may find classic pop and rock music from the 70´s and the 80´s. Eventually, on Friday and Saturday, Nitsa Club, indie and electronic music, hip hop and house music are mixed in order to dance the whole night! 

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