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Ryans Pub - Paradis

There are a good amount of pubs in Barcelona, one of the best known is Ryans Pub. At all, you can find 3 Ryans Pubs in Barcelona. Two of them are situated in the Gothic district and one close to the Barceloneta beach.

The best known one is named Ryans Paradis and is situated like the name says, in the Carrer Paradis in the heart of Barcelona. It has 3 different floors and in the cellar are often parties or life music. One reason why this Pub is well known are the transmission of nearly all sport events on TV such as football games, rugby matches and also the prices of beer, cocktails and food are moderate. There are Taco Tuesdays, Ladies Nights, Curry Fridays, Pub Quiz and etc. Additionally, Ryans Paradis organise special events if there are exceptional days such as Ryan's Birthday. You can have a look for all upcoming events and sport transmissions on the website.

Other locations in Barcelona:

  • Ryans Ample: Carrer del Ample, 28, 08002 Barcelona, 933 103 301, Drassanes (L3)
  • Ryans Escudellers: Carrer dels Escudellers, 24, 08002 Barcelona, 933 171 424, Liceu (L3)
  • Ryans Gracia: Carrer Torrent de lOlla, 39, 08012 Barcelona, 935 668 055, Fontana (L3)
  • Телефон

    93 269 01 72

    Часы открытия

    Monday-Friday: 03.00pm-03.00am
    Saturday-Sunday: 01.00pm-03.00am


    A beer costs only € 2 and a cocktail of the week only € 3.5.


    Carrer Paradis, 4, 08002 Barcelona


    Jaume (L4)
    Категория: Ночная жизнь

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