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Ovella Negra

Ovella Negra is a group of bars located in Barcelona where you can enjoy drinks and eat a couple of things, for a very attractive price. It is a typical old bar where people from all around likes to come and spend hours talking and having good moments.

L´Ovella Negra is also renowned during football games because a lot of people join in the bar to watch games together and support their teams. Some big sreens are put up during sports events. The Poblenou bar is particularly big, with about 2000 square meters to welcome customers. You can also find billiard tables, baby foot tables or darts within the bars.

There are two main locations in Barcelona:
-Taverna Rústica Carrer de les Sitges, 5
-Megataverna del Poblenou Carrer Zamora, 78

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