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Vintage and second-hand shops in Barcelona

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Like in many other European cities, Barcelona is a very fashionable urban area. People like to dress up and follow the newest trend. However what's in right now is to take grandma's clothes and go with the vintage vibe. If you don't have any vintage outfits, shoes, purses or accessories, there are many vintage shops in Barcelona that have countless retro items to offer.

M.O.T.E.L Vintage

With 50s and 60s dresses, neat crocodile handbags and deadstock swimwear, M.O.T.E.L Vintage has beautiful hand-chosen vintage for good prices. It is the project of Elisabeth, a young lady with very good taste who recognizes that one of the things she loves best is turning her shop into the channel between the clothes she loves and picks one by one and the people who come to visit her.

Thanks to her impeccable selection, M.O.T.E.L is a magic and stylish venue that recreates a motel’s room and while the shop window stands for the 50’s style cafeteria, inside the clothes are displayed between an antique reception-style desk, a vintage bathtub or, even, a library corner.

Address: C/ Riera Baixa, 5, 08001 Barcelona

Tel: 934430274


Holala! Plaza

Located in the Ravalneighborhood in the old part of the city, Holala features vintage clothing, furniture and knick-knacks, as well as changing exhibitions in its next door gallery. Most of the items you will find there is from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties as well as current collections, and they also run evening events.No matter where you look, you’re certain to find something of fascination. Also of note is Holala!’s plans to soon include a small cafeteria, book and magazine-store as well.

Address: C/ Valldonzella, 4, 08001 Barcelona

Tel: 933020593


Fins de Siecles

Located in the heart of Eixample, this shop mostly sells vintage art deco furniture, household items and decoration from the Thirties to the Fifties. They emphasize on design, quality of materials, originality and elegance. Special pieces are found while travelling through France, Italy, Belgium and Spain. Afterwards, they restore them in their workshop. They believe that selling restored 20th century furniture is environmental friendly, since it avoids cutting down trees for manufacturing new furniture, and it helps preserve European patrimony !!!

Address: Enric Granados, 70, 08008 Barcelona

Tel: 935117606


El Mercadillo

With a familiar look to a mini Camden Market really, El Mercadillo is the perfect place for you if you’re looking for fake Ray Ban, Wayfarers, Sixties-style Mod bags and Beatles T-shirts! The well-known camel statue that greets visitors upon entry still startles those who have spent the day engaged in less-than- wholesome pursuits, and effectively announces the quirky character of this clothing shop, a true vintage oasis!

Address: C/ Reina Amalia, 19, 08001 Barcelona

Tel: 933183872


Retro City

Retro City is the perfect shop for unique pieces, so be sure that no one will steal your look. Located between Gracia and Raval, it is a good place to go on a little vintage shopping tour. This small outlet choker-block is tucked away in one of the little tunnel-like paths and filled with second-hand and vintage items. The racks are crammed wall-to-wall. Typically, it hosts all types of items; dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, pants, shorts and so on. Rows and rows of shoes layer the floor, such as boots, brogues, clogs, to name a few.

Address: C/ dels Tallers, 51, 08002, Barcelona


Le Swing

Their upfront motto says it all: "“Delicatessen for guys and dolls”. This vintage de luxe second-hand designer shop will take you to a dreamed past of movie stars and dear old kitsch with a nostalgic collection of original antiques from classic names (Chanel, Vuitton, St.Laurent) and new retro-chic clothing from local designers. Stock is mostly geared towards a female audience. Also, it’s the mothball-free displays and impressive range of labels keeps it on top of the game. They have a hipster Café, which serves decent cocktails to make it a worthwhile afternoon destination for any thirsty individual.

Address: C/ Guillem, 3, 08003 Barcelona

Tel: 933023698


Retro Spirit of Barcelona

Overtime it seems that vintage- and second hand shopping has become trendy. This store proves how popular shopping for second hand and vintage items has gotten over the past few decades.  The company has become so successful that they now have shops all over the city. Typically, the shops are most visited by people who are trying to save money rather than the hipsters who shop the second hand venues, because that is the way second hand shopping works.

These vintage shops represent well the retro spirit of Barcelona. There are so many of them that you can easily get overwhelmed, but you can find the perfect vintage item you were looking for. 

To make the most out of Barcelona, be sure to visit its many vintage hidden gems!