Искать апартаменты в Барселоне

Get connected: WiFi Hotspots in Barcelona

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When you are walking around in Barcelona, it would be nice to just sit down somewhere, relax and go online. However, this can sometimes be more difficult than expected. Even though, there are a lot of places with WiFi in Barcelona, paying 4 € for a coffee just to get internet access might be a bit too much.

That's why Barcelona city council came up with a plan, a Program of Free WiFi. This program has WiFi hot-spots that allow people with mobile devices such as a Blackberry, iPhone, Tablets or Laptop to go online for free all over the center of Barcelona.

Here you can find all the WiFi hot-spots in Barcelona with free internet connection. Once you are near a Barcelona WiFi hot-spot, you can easily make a connection; you just have to use the password which is "Barcelona WiFi". This can be really handy and nice for people walking around outside

In rare occasions, there are establishments that do not offer WiFi, for such situations, you can check this list of places in Barcelona that offer WiFi.

Another possibility to access WiFi is through WiFi SMS. You just send WiFi ZIPCODE to 7010, and afterwards you will receive an answer indicating the nearest WiFi-hotspot. You can find out the zipcode of where you are by asking locals.


To know where is the nearest connecting station, please follow this link: http://www.bcn.cat/barcelonawifi/en/