Искать апартаменты в Барселоне

Luggage storage in Barcelona

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Every year more than 10 million people visit one of the best cities of the world, Barcelona. The city has many reasons to be visited, due to this, there is a large wave of tourists that end up needing a place to store their baggage. So we have prepared a list below with places you can store your baggage.


Baggage storage at Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport El Prat has two terminals, which are T1 and T2. The main airport T1 is used mostly for international flights and T2 receives low cost flights.

Luggage storage can only be found in T1, there are no lockers in T2. Security scans and check your luggage before you can leave it.

The cost for storing depends on the size on the locker you require. The prices are from 4.22 € – 5.4 € per day.

The airport locker is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can leave them here for up to 30 days and you will be charged for each 24 hours.


Baggage storage at Sants train station

The station Sants (Estacio Sants or Sants estacio) is on of the biggest railway station in Barcelona. From here, you can move to all part of Spain. Baggage storage is at the end of station, near McDonald’s. The lockers are working 24 hour.

Be aware that if you wish to leave your luggage, 15 days is the maximum amount of days allowed. The baggage storage is called "CONSIGNA".

The prices starting from 3 to 4.5 euro.


Baggage storage at Barcelona Nord Bus Station

Luggage storage at Nord Bus Station operates as self-service. The storage units accept only coins, if you are not carrying any, there is a change machine next to storage units. However, it is not possible to pay with credit or debit card.

It is important to point out that if you open the locker after closing it, you will have to pay again.

This storage located in front of the bus station building. There is only 50 boxes in different size. The maximum period for keeping your baggage stored is 15 days.

The prices from 3- 4.5 euro.


Baggage Storage at Locker Barcelona

Locker Barcelona is a luggage storage located in the center at Carrer Estruc, 36, a few minutes walk from Plaça Catalunya.

This storage offers you a convenient place for tourists to leave their luggage.

The working hours depends on the season:

Winter: Monday - Sunday, 08:30 - 20:30. Closed from 24 of December to 1 of January.

Summer: Monday - Sunday, 8:30 - 21:30.

For more information check out their link:http://www.lockerbarcelona.com/