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Girona Airport

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Girona-Costa Brava Airport, which is located 103 kilometers away from Barcelona, is a widely used alternative to El Prat Airport. People that are travelling to Costa Brava usually choose Girona Airport.

Mostly budget airlines arrive to this airport, so if you are travelling with a budget airlines company, going from/to Barcelona is a significant issue, since it is a bit far from this city. There are different ways of getting from Girona Airport to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Girona Airport. Here we’ve prepared this information:

By Bus

The most convenient way of reaching the Girona Airport is using the bus. The buses depart from Estacio d' Autobuses Barcelona Nord and directly arrive to the Girona Airport, and vice versa. These buses are related with Ryanair flights schedules, since it is the most common airline company used in this airport. You can click here to check the timetable. Price: € 12 for one way € 21 for both ways.

By Train

The train departs from Barcelona Sants Estacio and arrives in Girona city center with a 70-minute-journey. You can check the timetable of the train. From Girona city center it will take you approximately half an hour to get to the Girona Airport. There are two ways, with a taxi or with a bus.

Ryanair bus

From Girona-Airport every hour (4:00 - 0:00)
From Airport-Girona every hour (4:30 - 0:30)

By Taxi

You can always take the taxi from/to the airport. The tariff are the following:

Starting charge: € 5.25
Each km: €0.59
Waiting (each 15 min): €4.06
Each item of luggage: €1
Night service (21:00 - 07:00), Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: € 3.40
Arriving at or departing from the airport: €3.10

By Car

If you are going to drive to the airport you have to take one of the N-II, AP-7 (exit 8) and C-25. It is approximately 75 minutes drive.