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Boutique Apartments

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- What are Boutique Apartments?

Boutique apartments are a new trend in the real estate market. Boutique is defined by Oxford Dictionary as “a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele”. Within this definition lies the meaning of Boutique Apartment. It is a small, unique and luxurious space.

The concept of Boutique Apartments came after the Boutique Hotel trend, which is still quite new. The words hip, trendy, stylish and unique are words that define these Boutique Accommodation concepts.

In regards to Boutique Hotels, the main focus is offering individual services in a comfortable, intimate and welcoming manner. The boutique hotel building is small and has less than a hundred rooms, if it were more than a hundred, it could not be considered “boutique”. Thanks to this, boutique hotels can reach their goal, which is to establish a high customer service and offer uniquely designed accommodations in a stylish and fashionable urban location.

Atmosphere is the most important aspect of a boutique apartment. It refers to decor, ambience and personalized service. Its atmosphere can be influenced by the city location of the apartment, depending on the location, the boutique apartment’s identity can be defined.

- Why rent a Boutique Apartment?

Boutique Apartments have small yet very relevant differences compared to a usual apartment. These Boutique Apartments are popular for being very luxurious and located in fashionable urban areas. In the case of a usual apartment, the focus isn’t on its location nor on the quality level of the facilities, it is on its functionality.

A lot of attention has been put into the style and design of each room in a Boutique Apartment, some of which are even themed. The objective of this is to create a space that feels like a home, and yet looks stylish and chic. Many Boutique Apartments also offer special amenities such as famous art work.

If you are looking for something more than just a functional space, a Boutique Apartment is the best choice. It is a simple, but very high end accommodation. Even though it isn’t the cheapest option at times, it is worth every penny.

- Boutique Apartments around the World

Around the world you can find several agencies that rent out boutique apartments. Here are some examples of the most popular apartments in Europe and USA.

Haven in Paris
France, Paris

boutique apartments world1

The Boutique Apartments
Barcelona, Spain

boutique aparments world2

Harrogate Boutique Apartments
Harrogate, UK

boutique apartments world3

Home away from home
Warsaw, Poland

boutique apartments world4

Eric Vokel
USA, Spain, Netherlands

boutique apartments world5

- Apartime Boutique Apartments

Apartime is one of the leading short term rental apartments company in Barcelona. It was established in early 2001. Through their webpage, they offer a carefully selected range of apartments, most of which can be considered boutique.

Moreover, Apartime follows a certain criteria when selecting apartments, which is based on the physical conditions and decorations, the equipment and appliances, the cost-quality relation and the location of the apartment.

Most of their apartments are recently renovated and in excellent conditions. Each one not only has been decorated and designed in a unique way, but also each has been fully equipped with lovely furnishings and appliances. In addition, Apartime offers these holiday apartments in exceptional location and at great prices.

These following images are some of Apartime’s Boutique Apartments, which are currently available at their site:

Las Ramblas apartment 2
El Barrio Gótico, Barcelona

boutique apartment4

Rooftop Garden Apartment
Poble Sec, Barcelona

boutique apartments5

Triplex Beach Loft
Port Vell, Barcelona

boutique apartments6

Passeig de Gràcia 2 Bedroom
Eixample, Barcelona

boutique apartments7

Art Gallery Apartments
Poble Sec, Barcelona

boutique apartments8

- To own a Boutique Apartment

A Rooftop In The Old City
El Raval, Barcelona

boutique apartments3

Marisa Dobner is one of many Boutique Apartment owners in Barcelona. In her interview, she explains her experience when transforming her apartment into a Boutique apartment.

“We made a plan of how to use the space in a comfortable and efficient manner when reforming it. I was trying to create a place with a very special and pleasant atmosphere…We tried saving some of the original elements of the flat, but we could only keep the wooden beams, which gave the apartment a very nice rustic look” explained Marisa.

Her Boutique Apartment was not planned out to be Boutique from a start. However, due to its size and detail in decor, it ended up becoming Boutique.

As shown in the images, the apartment reflexes a rustic and homey design. The wall colors and furniture combinations were important details thought to improve the comfort and design. Other details like using an open concept with the living area and kitchen, were thought of to create a much brighter and spacious room.

Some of this apartment’s strong points, apart from the design, are its views of the city from its large terrace.

boutique apartments2

To conclude this article of Boutique Apartments, we can say that it is still a new concept, which is slowly taking shape. So far only a few companies worldwide have taken on the task of offering Boutique apartments, because it requires a large investment. However, this trend will progressively expand in the real estate market, as it did with hotels.

In Apartime’s case, they have offered great short term rental apartments for over thirteen years, and without intending to, they have a select range of boutique apartments in their portfolio. Currently, their goal is to offer only boutique apartments, which are not just luxurious and trendy, but also have a reasonable price.

So if you are interested in renting a boutique apartment in Barcelona, then Apartime is the best choice.