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VERY CHEAP travelling ideas from Barcelona - to France for 5 euros?

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You come to Barcelona for two weeks or more and do not want to stay here all the time? Maybe You have seen Barcelona before and want to make a little trip for 2 days somewhere, closer or further? Here we have some ideas. Ideas that will not make Your pocket empty.

We know how it usually is - we speak a lot about cheap travelling and then it turns out that we cannot find any offers or they cost usually more than expected. Now we would like to reveal some secrets of cheap travelling from Barcelona. Not all of the trips will be always 100% comfortable, we will mention some trips by bus, which may last kind of long but for traveling lovers with tight budget it should not be a problem. Here we will present just few offers, if You are interested in other destinations - do a research within mentioned below websites by yourself.


Barcelona - Toulouse - 5 euros

Megabus is a well-known bus company in Europe that introduced their services in Spain very recently. It operates only from Barcelona. You can go to France, United Kingdom, Netherlands or other countries. If You buy the ticket moderately early You will pay only few euros for service (my friend paid 1 euro for the trip Barcelona - Paris, REALLY). Below the example of the available tickets from Barcelona to Toulouse for 5 euros (price checked 4 days before the trip). The traveling will take 5 and a half hours. Wi-fi available on the board.

Barcelona - Madrid - 7 euros

ALSA is a well known bus company operating in several cities in Spain. Not all of people know though that if You buy tickets online a little bit beforehand, You can find amazing promotions, like the one below. If You will try booking around 2 weeks before the trip, for sure You will find such offer. Usually the ticket to Madrid costs around 33 euros, here we see ones for 7 of 12 euros. The trip lasts 7 and a half hour. Long? With a very tight budget it is better to sleep for few hours in the bus that in a bed not going anywhere :)

TIP 1. You can find similar promotions to other bigger cities in Spain (rather not on smaller, less popular routes), for example to Valencia. Just research the website!

TIP 2. Want to keep Your trip low cost but totally amazing? If You are a student, You can go to El Prado museum, one of the most famous art museums in Europe, for FREE!

Barcelona - Andorra - 6 euros

Blablacar is a brilliant commune travel idea. You go somewhere by car, put the route on the website, amount of free places you have and a price. Thanks to Blablacar You can find people to travel with You and share costs! So example given here is just one of many possibilities. Usually the prices offered by users are much cheaper than bus or train tickets. Users of Blablacar are rated by people that travelled with them before. You can read comments if the driver was on time, was he/she friendly, was he/she good driver. Below the example of the trip Barcelona - Andorra.

Barcelona - Mallorca - 19 euros

This is a little bit more expensive (in comparison to above ones) offer, but You can easily find it for both ways for several dates on Ryanair`s website. You fly from El Prat airport (so the close one to Barcelona) to airport in Palma de Mallorca. The flights have no stops.