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Casa Batlló

The colorful Casa Batlló, built between 1904 and 1906 in the heart of the city, is the most emblematic work of Gaudí in Barcelona. Its masterpiece of shape, color and light make Casa Batlló an unforgettable building for everyone. Casa Batlló is the most celebrated building on the “Block of Discord” (which is a kind of competition between architects) in Barcelona’s Eixample district. It is located at Passeig de Gràcia and it is a Radical reform and modernization of a commercial and residential building, in which Gaudí unfolded all his genius. It represents the advent of a new century and the metaphorical defeat of the previous century's academic style at the hands of the revolutionary artistic trend.

The façade

The Façade of Casa Batlló is original, fantastical, it is full of imagination and it is made of sandstone covered with colorful mosaics. Gaudí replaced the original façade with a new composition of stone and glass. Very typical for Gaudí is that you can recognize in each individual masterpiece, that he avoids straight lines whenever it is possible. So he ordered the external walls to be redesigned to give them a wavy shape, which was plastered with lime mortar and colored glass and ceramic discs. Furthermore the first floor has sculpted oval windows. The balconies at the lower floors have pillars in the shape of bones, those on the upper floors look like pieces of skulls, which gave the house the following nickname: House of Bones. Another nickname is House of Yawns, since there are enlarged windows on the first floor.

The interior of the house is as fascinating as its exterior, and therefore definitely a visit worth. Again, Gaudi avoids straight lines wherever he can, which makes each individual work a truly unique experience. Moving through the house, visitors are constantly surprised by details which they discover. It a great work of art, with the artist encouraging everything to work together: design, space, color, shape and light. So do not miss out on the possibility to visit Casa Batlló during your vacation in Barcelona.


932 16 03 06

Orari d'apertura

Everyday: 9 - 20 hours


Adults(18+): €21,50 Students, elderly and kids: €18,50


Paseo Gràcia, 43, 08007 Barcelona


L2,L3 and L4, stop Passeig de Gràcia
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