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Best 3 clubs to visit in Barcelona

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In Barcelona, there are many clubs, bars and discos, so we have devised a list of the 3 best clubs to visit.

These three locations would be recommended when going out, so don't miss out on them if you want a proper experience of Barcelona's nightlife.

10 choses à savoir sur la vie nocturne

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Barcelone est évidemment bien connue pour sa vie nocturne et ses soirées incroyables. Chaque nuit, il se passe quelque chose dans la ville. Barcelone regorge de bars, clubs et discothèques en plein air.

Nous vous proposons quelques conseils concernant la vie nocturne de Barcelone, comme « dresscode », les boissons, les prix, etc… Donc, si vous êtes là pour faire la fête, il y a certaines choses que vous devez savoir.

A night out in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city that never sleeps. Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are widely present in the city. The Spanish have a habit of eating late, drinking late and going out until the early morning.

Dinner is around 9 pm and drinks are around 1, because of this, most bars will be open until 2/3. Afterwards, lots of people hit the clubs, especially in the weekends. However, clubs and disco's are open before midnight, but they won't be crowded until after.

To find a good places to have drinks, eat or go out in the neighborhood where you are staying, we've made a list of the best places in each area.