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Événements gay à Barcelone

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Connue comme l’une des villes les plus « gay friendly » dans le monde, Barcelone propose de nombreux évènements et espaces dédiés à la communauté gaie et lesbienne.

Voici quelques-uns des événements qui se déroulent à Barcelone durant l’année.

Gay Barcelona - A Short Guide

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Barcelona is known as one of the most famous gay places in the world. The Catalan capital is very gay-friendly offering many annual events. Plus the local Spanish community accepts gay families, since Spain is on the list of countries where they allow gay marriage.

The main gay area in Barcelona is Eixample where gay clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants are located. Also, there are many vacation apartments in Barcelona, which are perfectly suited for gay couples and have a great location in the beautiful and modern part of the city.