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Torre Figueres Bellesguard

The Figueres-Bellesguard tower, also known as Casa Figueres was designed between 1900 and 1909 by Antoni Gaudí in the Catalan Civil Gothic style. For the building he only used materials found on the plot itself. It is located near Collserola Mountain and was built upon the ruins of the 15th century residence of Martin I el Humano, the last king of Catalonia. The house demonstrates Gaudí's patriotism as it commemorates Catalonia`s age of glory.

Built on five levels, this structure possess a number of inventive original interior solutions, such as the white stairwell with its striking decoration, which projects in star-shape on the exterior. The building, with a clearly medieval air lent by the shape of its windows and arches, is made of sold brick and clad with stone of diverse shades.

The use of brick and local slate makes Bellesguard a fairly simple Neogothic building. The building was built during the period in which Gaudí still developed his unique style, but had not yet reached its peak. It does not include Moorish accents and bright colors, which are important elements in many of his masterpieces.

The parapets, the unadorned Iron Gate, the pointed tower and the battlements on the roof let Bellesguard look like a relic from the medieval times. The walls and pillars are forms with white, rounded plaster and the interior of the building is light and airy, like an Art Nouveau villa in a sharp contrast.

Gaudí stopped working on Bellesguard in 1909 and Domènec Sugranes, who designed the gate, ceramic benches, and natural stone mosaics, took over to complete the building in 1917.


C/ del Bellesguard, 16-20, Sant Gervasi, Barcelona.


L7, stop Avenida Tibidabo
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