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Sidecar Factory Club

It used to be an American bar where the 6th float of the US Army rented the whole room to host parties with Catalan girls when sailors stoped in the Catalan capital city.  

This is the oldest club of Barcelona that has kept almost the same programming it had years ago. The club offers several activities such as theatre performance, painting and drawing exhibition, movies, gatronomic events, humorist etc.

Sidecar has been the springboard for some artists that have become renowned such as Love of Lesbian, Facto Delafé, Sidonie, Pastora, Macaco etc.
If you are looking for a close relationship with artists in a warming and friendly atmosphere, Sidecar is made for you!

This club focuses on interpersonal exchange, exposition of ideas and opinions as well as complicity between people regardless where they come from and regardless their age. 


7pm to 5am

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Categoría: Vida Nocturna

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