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Madera Olivo

Madera Olivo is a company which makes handcrafted Spanish products. The material used is olive wood, olive trees are very typical for Catalonia and Spain in general. All the materials used are gathered during the annual pruning or crop changes so that no harm is done to these characteristic trees. The company chose to use olive wood because it is very hard, very durable, its beauty and it also looks better as it ages.

They make all kinds of items like cutlery, baskets, kitchen tools, board games, watches, etc. This wood is excellent for making fruit or salad bowls. Every item made is special, and can be bought as a gift or souvenir. Almost everything you can imagine is made out of it. It is a family business that has worked for decades in this sector. Therefore, they have a lot of knowledge about handcrafting olive wood. They take part in all kinds of fairs to show how they work. These fairs are in Portal de l'Angel, Fira of Barcelona Terra, Molins de Rei, Sant Boi de Llobregat and in many other locations.

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calle Mercedes 17, principal primera - 08024 Barcelona
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