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Park Güell

When you are in Barcelona, Park Güell is an absolutely a place that you must visit. It is one of the most famous sights of Barcelona alongside Sagrada Familia and the Camp Nou stadium. Gaudí's creation attracts millions of visitors every year and it is the most beautiful park of Barcelona, which says a lot because there are many big parks in Barcelona. Moreover, the architecture is amazing, but one of the biggest reasons is the view. Park Güell offers you the best view over the city of Barcelona. The breathtaking sight alone is enough reason for everyone to come visit.


Park Güell is located in the Gracia district of Barcelona and was designed by Antoni Gaudí and built between 1900-1914. The park is currently on the UNESCO world heritage site as "works of Gaudi".

Eusebi Güell a prominent industrialist, in 1900, gave Gaudí the order to build a housing site. The idea was to turn this rocky landscape into a place for the rich to get away from the factory smoke of the city. After the housing venture proved to be unsuccessful, Gaudí was given the assignment to design the park.

This resulted in Gaudí having to buy a house here with his savings, and ended up moving his family here. He lived there until 1926. The house is a museum since 1963.

The park has been skillfully designed. Its purpose was to bring out the peaceful environment that a park should have. Gaudí used his imposing style to construct the park in such a way that the landscape was incorporated in the design. His style consisted of bright colors and unusual architecture.

Before all of this, Gaudí took the assignment because he considered it a great opportunity to display his on nature inspired ideas of architecture. Park Guell consists of stairs, many paths and colored mosaic decorations displayed throughout the park.

Prominent parts of Park Güell are the entrance with the porters-loge, the guardhouse, the fence, terrace-walls, the huge columns, the double stairs with the salamander and the huge bench. The bench and the salamander were designed with a huge amount of mosaic pieces.

The guardhouse is nowadays a souvenir shop. When designing the benches, its curvature were inspired that way, due to a woman's buttocks mark left when she sat in wet clay.

How to get to Park Guell

It may be useful to know how to get to park Güell, as most people who come to Barcelona are staying in the center and do not have the option to use a vehicle.

Therefore, public transport is the most common way for people to travel around Barcelona. When using the public transport, this is how you get to Park Güell:

Take the green L3 underground line towards "Lesseps" station, after you get out follow the indications on the tourist panels and you will be in the park quickly. The metro station is near to the park, but it is a bit of a climb up a hill.

If you want to take the bus, take 24. This bus is extremely convenient for people who have difficulties walking long distance, as the bus leaves from plaza Catalunya and drops you off near the entrance of the park. It is also possible to take buses 31-32-74-92, bus del barri 112 or the red tourist bus line.

We can conclude that the park is a must see for everyone who visits Barcelona, besides the standard things the park has to offer, it also has an area where kids can play, a field for pets and a bar. It is important to take a bottle of water to the park as it can get very hot, especially in the summer while climbing up the paths.


932 13 04 88


25 October-23 March: 8:30-18:00; 24 March-19 October: 8:00-21:30


€8, €7 on the website.


Carrer d'Olot, s/n, 08024 Barcelona


Lesseps (L3), Vallarca (L3)
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