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Poble Espanyol

El Pueblo Español, in catalan Poble Espanyol, is a great outdoor museum located on the Montjuïc mountain of the Catalan capital. It was built in 1929 for the International Exposition which was held that year in Barcelona city. The idea was impulsed by the Catalan architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch but works were conducted by the architects Francesc Reventós Folguera and Ramon Reventós, as well as the artists Xavier Nogues and Miquel Utrillo.

Located inside the city, one can say that this place is a monumental summary of the different villages of Spain. As an urban collage, its 49,000 square meters of pedestrian streets you can meet examples of folk architecture in Spain.

Here you will find 117 buildings that form the "ideal model" of the Spanish village who have the main characteristics of each region. Strolling through its streets and squares, it will be like enjoying a trip through all parts of Spain. In addition, numerous bars and restaurants will bring you closer to the typical Spanish cuisine.

However, this site awaits a lot more surprises, as it is also an active centre of recreation, culture and crafts. It contains all the most important artisan workshops of the peninsula. Not only can you buy handcrafts, but also learn how they are made through workshops and family activities that are organized on the weekends. The leisure offer includes other entertainment such as storytelling, street theater, puppets or music concerts. The outdoor Sculpture Garden or the contemporary art collection of the Fundación Fran Daurel are other interesting proposals that can be found in Pueblo Español.

It can easily be reached through the FerroCarrils de le Generalitat de Catalunya called Magòria-La Campana. There is a great atmosphere not only during the day, but also in the evening hours. In the weekends, the amazing open-air club "La Terrazza" gives you the possibility to enjoy a great party in an outdoor club and dance until you can see the sun coming up.


Monday: 9.00 am - 8.00 pm
Tuesday - Thursday & Sundays: 9.00 am - midnight
Friday: 9.00 am - 3.00 am
Saturdays: 9.00 am - 4.00 am


Adult: 9,50 €
Disabled: 7,60 €
Children (aged 4 to 12): 5,60 €
Students: 6,60 €


Plaça del Pare Eusebi Millan, 08038 Barcelona.


L1 y L3, stop Espanya
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