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IMAX Port Vell Barcelona

If you want to get a different experience watching movies at the cinema, the IMAX Port Vell of Barcelona is the right place to be. The amazing experience you get is due to the giant screens of the cinema, which will make you totally caught up with the movie.

The IMAX Port Vell Barcelona was the first in the world with in Imax Integral movies. The cinema has three different types of screens you can choose between.They make use of the best technology. This means you can enjoy a movie with the best quality sound and screens.

The "Sistema IMAX" is a giant screen of 21 meters, which corresponds to a seven floor building, and is 600 quadrat meters big (approximately three tennis courts). You have almost the feeling that you are part of the movie.

The "Sistema IMAX 3D", lets you enjoy the movies like you are a part of them. Normally you could only experience 3D in a theme park, but nowadays the most popular movies will be played in 3D.

The third one is "Sistema Omnimax" which includes a semispheric screen in the form of a dome, with 900 square meters and a diameter of 30 meters. When watching a movie in this saloon, the movie is projected with a vertical angle of 125 degrees and a lateral angle of 180 degrees.

Whichever of the screen you choose, it will absolutely give you an extraordinary experience. There is one thing where you should pay attention to. In Spain they translate all the movies to Spanish. This means no English subtitles, but sometimes they also play the original version. For exact timetable and prices, visit the website.


932 25 11 11


Muelle D'espanya, s/n 08039 Barcelona, Spain.


L4, stop Barceloneta.
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