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Visiting Barcelona with kids - what to do and where to go

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Travelling with children is very amazing and leaves wonderful memories, but at the same time is much harder to organize than traveling alone or in couple. If You come to Barcelona with kids, probably You are wondering where to go with them, what to see, how to make the time for them unforgettable. In this article we will recommend some places and activities that You and Your children will love. 

We want to mention also about some tips for traveling with kids to Barcelona, to make Your stay more pleasant and easier to manage.


Attractions for You and Your family


Barcelona ZOO is a heaven for kids due to the big variety of animals and famous dolphin shows. Hippos, rhinos, sea lions, elephants, tigers, lions, giraffes - the ZOO has all of animals Your children dream of seeing. Families can enjoy also farmyard ZOO, areas for picnic, ZOO train, rides on little ponies and lots of playgrounds. Choose a cooler day to visit the ZOO, because during very hot days animals are sleeping or they are hidden. We also recommend to go to Ciutadella Park that is nearby - one of the prettiest parks in the city, perfect for picnic, walk or just relaxing next to lakes, on the grass or bench.

Parc de la Ciutadella, s/n
Ciutat Vella District
Barcelona, 08003
93 225 67 80
19 euros - adults, 11.40 euros - 3-12 year olds; free under 3 years old

Parc d'Atraccions Tibidabo

This is an attraction for families with a little older kids. To fully enjoy the fairground on the hill You should try the best of things offered by the park - and most of them are pretty hardcore - for example 80km-per-hour rollercoaster, freefall Pendulum, bumper cars, simulator of aeroplane and hot air balloon. Very entertaining can be Museu d'Autòmats with coin-operated figures, antique mechanical puppets and vintage games and toys. Every hour from 1 pm there are puppet shows and in summer circus parades and fire runs. The openings of different attractions vary a lot within a year. We advise to check the timetables on the website before going there.

Plaça del Tibidabo, 3-4
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
08035 Barcelona
93 211 79 42
Adults - 25 euros, 9 euros under 120cm, free under 90cm

The museum of Magic - El Rey de La Magia

Magical shows, illusionists, theatre, museum containing magic items from XIXth and XXth century (opened already for 130 years!) - it is so hard to number all of the things that the Museum of Magic offers. One of the most appealing activities of the museum that cannot be missed are their shows, performed on Saturdays and Sundays. Check for the website for the schedule of all shows. A visit in the museum is included in the price of the magic show. For young magicians there is also a store with everything that fans of magic need.

Carrer de Princesa 11
08003 Barcelona
93 318 7922
Above 12 years old: 12 euros, under: 7 euros

Museum of Chocolate - The Museu de la Xocolata

The Museu de la xocolata is a paradise for chocolate lovers. What can You find there? Natural-size chocolate monuments and cartoon characters replicas (from Gaudi models to Pixar characters), workshops, parties for kids and many more. Children from 3 to 8 years can take part in a treasure trail hunt. The place is known for wonderful hot chocolate. Of course in the museum You can find the shop with all goodies You can dream of. For a little older children very interesting thing will be learning the interactive history of the cocoa bean and courses of making chocolate sculptures and cooking desserts.

Carrer del Comerç 32
08003 Barcelona
4.30 euros, under 7 years old: free
Tel. 93 268 7878

Barcelona Aquarium

Barcelona aquarium is thought to be the largest in Europe and it is a perfect idea for a whole family to have fun. In the aquarium's guide book we can read that it is ‘the most important leisure-educational marine centre in the world dealing with the Mediterranean'. The variety of animals within the place is just huge - beginning with sharks, penguins, octopuses, dogfish, scorpion fish, piranhas and sea horses, but the animals themselves are not everything what aquarium offers. Children can take part in the variety of workshops (for free), but there is an obligatory signing up for them. The examples are - life of sharks (for 6 year and older) or penguins (for 4 year and olders).

The place consists of 35 aquariums, 11 000 animals (over 450 different species). The other “must sees” are - 80 meters underwater tunnel with all sea creatures swimming around us, information areas where we can get to know more about sea life (Planeta Aqua, Explora! Zone) places to take pictures like shark’s mouth, huge turtle and other. Definitely it is a place where whole family can have fun there for many hours.

Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell, s/n
08039 Barcelona
93 221 7474
Taller than 1,40m 20 euros, children 1,10 – 1,40m 15 euros, 90cm – 1,10m - 5 euros, less than 90 cm: free, annual pass for 2 adults and 2 children 90 euros (+ registration fee of 12.00 euros). Discounts with online purchasing.

Magic Fountains

From its first show in 1929 until now magic fountains are one of the most popular events in the city. What is more it is free of charge, that does not happen often in Barcelona. Lots of people may say that fountain show cannot be something interesting. Nothing more wrong. We strongly recommend to see it. The magic fountains show an outstanding display of colour, light, motion, music and water acrobatics, that make us feel like in fairy tale. Keep in mind that getting very close to the fountains you can get a little wet. The performance takes place on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Pl. Carles Buïgas 1
28080 Barcelona


Bubbleparc is 2500 square meters big outdoor amusement space that is located near Maremagnum shopping centre. The place is perfect for children - reverse bungy, giant water bubble, acuaboats that can be navigated also by very small children and many more. Parents can relax and look at children on benches that are placed around. Right next to the park there is a very nice bar with fresh juices.

Maremagnum Building, Moll d'Espanya, 5
08039 Barcelona
1 ride 6 euros, 2 rides 11 euros, 3 rides 15 euros, 5 rides 20 euros

Museu d'Idees i Invents de Barcelona

If You want the holidays to be not only full of relax but also creativity and brain training this is the place you should visit. The centre of interests of the museum are inventions, the process of creating, seeing how things are built and how they work. The place consist of three sections: Limitless Society, Reflectionarium, Corner of the Absurd, where we can find attractions like echo room, walking in the air place, rooms with prototypes of inventions, inventions one has never seen before and many, many more. We do not want to reveal too much of the secret but we recommend the place a lot!

Carrer de Ciutat 7
08002 Barcelona
93 332 79 30
Adults: 7 euros, children up to 4: free, children 4 to 12 years old, retired people, students and unemployed: 5 euro

Theme and water parks

Around Barcelona there are several theme and water parks that are just heaven for kids. We have been writing about them in another blog post, check it out here.

Barcelona offers lots of activities for families. Here we will put some more of them, that can be attractive for kids with certain age and interests. Consider also:

• Montjuïc Mountiain and the castle on the top
• FC Barcelona Stadium – Camp Nou
• Breathtaking Gaudi buildings
• Olimpic stadium

What if the parents want to stay alone for some time?

Spending time on family vacation with kids can be a wonderful thing as well as having a date or a walk just with Your husband/wife/partner. But how to organize a time just for Your the only one while You came to Barcelona with Your children?

Some time ago we have heard about the entrepreneurship that we fell in love with the idea of it. Little Prince is an agency of multilingual nannies that offer services, for example, per hour or daily. It is perfect, when You want to have a little bit of a private time for a romantic dinner or a very long tiring sightseeing that children may not handle. Little Price’s consultant said “This kind of service is not frequently required in Spain but hopefully it will as it´s an excellent opportunity for parents travelling with children to enjoy a night out alone”. Nannies from Little Prince “will go to the family place at any time” and “can communicate in a variety of languages”.

We hope that Barcelona will be not only children friendly place for you, but also the place where you can find peace, relax and spend amazing moments alone with your loved one. Hiring a nanny for few hours can be a wonderful idea.

Little Price:
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+34 645 434 203
+34 931063875

Eating with a family can be also a challenge. We genuinely recommend breakfast&lunch place called Papas and The Mammas that is very family friendly. You can not only eat cheap and good but take part in many events, some of them directed towards kids. The restaurant has a special corner dedicated just for children.

Rambla del Poblenou 127-129
08018 Barcelona
93 4856793

Tips for traveling around Barcelona with kids

• Renting an apartment while traveling with kids can be a very good idea, because of better comfort and bigger space. You can also chose apartments close to some particular attractions or quiet apartments if You need peace and good sleep. Check Apartime’s apartments for its big variety of family friendly apartments.

• Barcelona in summer is hot (HOT!) and humid. Always protect skin of your loved ones, because it is extremely easy to get burned. Use very high SPF and always carry a bottle of water.

• Barcelona is a place where You can get stolen very easily. Thieves here are very sneaky and will use every moment of unconsciousness. While taking care of your kids do not forget about Your belongings especially in public transport and on the beach.

We wish You amazing stay in Barcelona with Your kids!