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Ghosts and haunted places of Barcelona

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Barcelona is full of secrets and mysteries. Lots of legends and tales are spread within the city. Some places are said to be haunted and guided tours are even offered for those who want to enjoy a scary night in the small streets of the Catalan capital city. Come and discover the mysterious Gran Teatre del Liceu, the haunted Gaudí metro station, the bizarre Casa del Carrer Giner or the scary Carrer dels Mirallers. Here is our selection of the ghostly places in Barcelona! 

Plaça del Comerc

There you may encounter the ghosts of Portal Nou. It is a small place with a street lamp in the middle and a large clock in the background. Some say that paranormal events occur around 8-10 times a year, most of them between 9pm and midnight. According to some locals, one may see ghosts crossing the light of the street lamp during the night. 

Carrer de Flor de Lliri

During the middle of the 20th century, this street hosted some inns for travelers to sleep or to rest before continuing their journey. The legend says that many guests of these houses disappeared in mysterious circumstances. They had never been declared dead and their bodies had never been discovered so far. If you want to experience a thrill, you can cross this street and feel the bizarre atmosphere that reigns there. 

Carrer dels Mirallers

This street is known for its past demonic history. Indeed, At the end of the 19th century, the poet Jacint Verdaguer, known also for his suspicious practices as a priest, lived there and carried out several exorcisms in his house, at the number 7 of Carrer dels Mirallers. The legend says that demonic spirits are still trapped in the house where Verdaguer undertook his unofficial work. 

Gran Teatre del Liceu 

In this opera-house, you can mysteriously feel the energy of the past. The myth says that during the Middle Ages the site on which the Teatre was built had hosted executions and had been cursed. The story seems to prove the legend: the Teatre was built in 1847, it burnt in 1861, suffered an anarchist bomb attack in 1893 and burnt again in 1994. Dozens of people died within the walls of the Gran Teatre.

Carrer de Montcada 

This is a residential street in the Born district where many people where kidnapped. Guillem I de Montcada, Count of Montcada, murdered Berenguer de Viladamuls, Archbishop of Tarragona in 1194. After the murder, the Count of Montcada went into exile. The legend says that the murder was so heinous that the Count of Montcada had been condemned to wander in the Montcada street.

Casa del Ave Maria

Nowadays, this house forms part of the most famous in Barcelona. Why? Because now, the Casa del Ave María is the Palau Güell. Indeed, the industrialist Joan Güell decided to buy this house and Antoni Gaudí was entrusted with the design of the new Palau. Yet, before being a palace, the house was known as the Casa del Ave María or the Casa del Miedo (“House of Fear”) due to the incesssant scream one could hear during the night. The house was then abandoned and Joan Güell bought it. The legend says that atrocious things happened in the house and that the owners decided to flee it from one day to the next, leaving the house abandoned.

Carrer Francisco Giner

In 1935, a whole building of the Francisco Giner street knew paranormal events during a week. Several neighbours as well as the police and the press were present to witness this mysterious phenomenon. Press articles of that time can be found. The story says that numerous people who lived in the Carrer Francisco Giner heard loud noise, such as blows in the walls, during the night. At the same time, neighbours of the building saw their pieces of furniture flying in the air. A few minutes after, everybody get out in the streets to share their experience. The police and the press witnessed and related the same events in the street during a week. The doors of the building were locked up and the story tells that a child - Joan Monroig who lived in the building at the time and who was sick - created those poltergeist.

El Font de Canaletes

This is a fountain located on Las Ramblas where many people witnessed a ghost in the middle of the 19th century. The ghost used to scare women when they pitched water at the fountain. Consequently, a group of brave men decided to watch the fountain during the night. Press articles of that time related that dozens of people spend hours waiting for the phenomenon to occur in order to witness this paranormal event.

Mercat de Sant Antoni

Before the place became the famous Mercat, it used to be one of the places of gallows in Barcelona. The place is said to be cursed for all the atrocities that occurred there. During the urbanization process of the district, no one wanted to live there and the city decided to put up the market.    

Carrer de la Neu de Sant Cugat

The street hosted the most famous witchcraft school in Barcelona and a lot of people were recorded as witches in the district. While visiting this street, you may feel the profound and heavy past of the district, which frightened inhabitants at the time and where several “deadly expeditions” were undertaken by the most credulous in order to catch witches for the stake.

Catedral de Santa Eulalia

The Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, name after the Saint Eulalia martyrdom, is a masterpiece of architecture but it hides a heavy past within its walls. Indeed, the legend says that countless exorcisms were carried out in the Cathedral during the 13th century. Moreover, the Cathedral hosts some of the last exorcists in Spain, according to the exorcist of the Diocèse of Barcelona. 

Barcelona Metro Station

There are actually 12 abandoned metro stations in Barcelona. The most famous is probably the “Gaudí” station, built in 1968 near the Sagrada Familia. At the beginning, the station was supposed to connect the L2 and L5 metro lines but never opened because it has never been operational.  Workers used to Access these old entrances to commute but never used the metro which led the station to close down and it became abandoned. A lot of locals narrated they encountered strange shadows and ghosts there. You can feel a very bizarre atmosphere within the walls of that metro station. Another station of interest in the Correos metro station where strange voices and noises have been heard.