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Multilingual Bookstores in Barcelona

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English is just one of many languages one will find in this city's bookstores. Barcelona has become a multicultural city over the years, with a constant flow of immigration from many countries. Because of this, there has been a raising demand of multilingual books, not only for the tourists, but for the large amount of foreign student from all the successful business schools as well as the Erasmus students from all over the continent.

Keep in mind that finding books about the city of Barcelona, Catalan and Spanish culture in divers different languages is easier than finding the ones regarding other subjects.

Check out our list with multilingual bookstore in Barcelona.


Famous and most accessible bookshop in Barcelona. Because of its location and the wide range of products FNAC offers, it is preferred by many tourists and locals. Other than books and magazines, you can find electronics, games, CD's and more.

Address: Centro Comercial El Triangle. Plaza Catalunya, 4


Happy Books

Located on one of the main shopping streets in Barcelona, Happy Books is another famous bookstore with a great variety of subjects and categories. For non-Spanish speakers, the range may be limited, but there are still many interesting books available. The store also sells stationary, agendas and notebooks.

Address: Avinguda Portal De l'Àngel, 5


Hibernian Books

Specialized in books in English, this store will satisfy you with many impressive English books. The wide range brings you from children books to rare 2nd hand books. Great customer service is given to the customers when acquiring information about books.

Address: Carrer de Montseny 17


Diaz de Santos

This bookstore mostly focuses on reference books for students providing books from McGraw Hill, Pearson etc. Many schools have connections with this store. If a book is not found in the store, one can place an order for them.

Address: C/ Balmes Nº 417-419