Buscar apartamentos en Barcelona

El Prat Airport

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The main airport of Barcelona is El Prat, which is 13 kilometers away from the center. El Prat was newly renovated in June 2009 with the aim of making the airport a big center for national and international flights. With 2 brand new terminals, modern shops, cafes and restaurants, you can even enjoy while you are waiting for your flight.

Although the airport is a little bit outside of the city, it is very well connected with the public transportation. You have different alternatives to get there by train, bus and taxi. Of course, if you prefer driving, it is also another alternative to public transportation. The key point is to know from which terminal your flight is taking off.

By Car

It is the most sophisticated way of reaching Barcelona, if you are not familiar with the roads. The best option is to take the C-32 which connects Barcelona-Sitges carriageway or C-31 Barcelona-Castelldefels. If you need to go T1 continue along the C-31 until you reach the B-22 turnoff leading to T1. This would be a 15 minute ride from Plaza Catalunya, without traffic.

By Taxi

It is not the cheapest, but it is the easiest way to the airport. You can find the taxis in front of the gates of the terminals and all over the city center. The approximate fees are:

From/To Plaza España €13.00

From/To Plaza Catalunya €15.50

From/To Sagrada Familia €19.00

From/To Sant Cugat del Vallès €25.50

By Train

It is a very simple way to reach the airport/or the city center. Take the line R2 Nord, the stops in Barcelona are Estacio Sants, Paseo de Gracia and El Clot, and its last stop is the airport T2. A ticket cost €2.80 and the duration is 20 minutes from Estacio Sants.

By Bus

Another good alternative of public transport is to take the bus. There are many bus stops in the city center which you can find easily.

In T1 and T2:

Line 46 (Plaza de España - Airport)

Line L77 (Sant Joan Despí-Airport)

Line PR1 (El Prat:Renfe Station - Airport)

Line N17 (Plaza de Catalunya;Ronda Universitat - Airport)

In T1: Aerobus (A1) (T1 - Plaza de Catalunya) Line L99 (Castelldefels - Viladecans - Gavà - Airport)

In T2: Aerobus (A2) (T2 - Plaza de Catalunya) Line 105 (El Prat: Av. Onze de Setembre - Airport)

Inside the airport, you can also take one of the following shuttles:

T1-T2 shuttle: from T2 to arrivals (P0) and departures (P3) roadways and the arrivals roadway T1 (P0). Bus comes every 6-7 minutes and the journey lasts 10 minutes.

T1-T2 Renfe suburban train station shuttle: T2 Renfe Station to departures roadway T1 (P3) (every 30 minutes). It takes 10 minutes to get from Renfe Station to P3.

T1 and T2-Long stay parking shuttle: There is a linkage between long stay car park and terminals T1 (every 12 min; Stop: arrivals roadway) and T2 (every 10 minutes; Stop: opposite the intermodal building). The service is offered from 07:00 to 24:00, also at night if requested.

Airport night bus

Nitebus N17 enables you to take the bus at night if you want to. The bus travels from T1 to the city centre, the service starts at 21:50 until 4:50 am. The NiteBus is a smart choice if you want to save money because the ticket price is only €1.40 per person.