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Nowadays we live in a world of technology and we cannot imagine our life without Internet and gadgets.

Sometimes when you travel it can be very useful to have some support to find out what to visit and where to stay.

Applications for Android, Apple, etc., can really help you to get a lot of information and to make your holiday visit easier. So we've prepared a short list of some of the top apps for tourist in Barcelona.

"Barcelona offical guide" application for iPhones and Androids  

This app shows the map of Barcelona and all the monuments, museums, theatres, cathedrals and other tourist places.

In other words, it is a map on your mobile, but you do not have to stand in the middle of nowhere with a huge map while desperately searching for your location. So, it is basically a GPS on your mobile.

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Barcelona restaurant application    

This application is very convenient if you do not know where you would like to eat.

It shows you all the restaurants around and enables you to select on certain criteria, for example price. It provides detailed information of the restaurants and their location.

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FC Barcelona  

When you go to Barcelona, you probably are thinking about their football team.

All the local people are crazy about football and support their team a lot. If you share this passion, you will definitely need this application on your smart phone.

The application allows you to not miss out on any match, and it gets online translation as well as updates with all the information about the team, such as news, results, scores and future plan.

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