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Tapas in Barcelona

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Tapas are an attraction for gourmet and tourists who, without any doubt, will taste some of them during their stay in Barcelona. But why are these small plates so popular? Where do they come from? Where to find the best tapas in Barcelona? Here you can discover the history of tapas as well as our selection of the best dishes and restaurants in the Catalan capital city if you want to enjoy tapas!

Catalan cuisine - the best cuisine you have ever heard of

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Traveling to the place without trying its food is making the trip lack of something very important. Coming to Barcelona You are probably wondering what to try, but do not get misled that Catalan cuisine is the same as Spanish. It is not. What is more, it is one of world's best cuisines with several restaurants with Michelin stars and worldwide known chefs.

Best Bakeries in Raval

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Longing for warm freshly baked bread, cakes or another sort of sweets? Check out our list of the best bakeries in the Raval district, where you can find some of the most delicious pastries of the area. They might be few, but they are the best. Discover them all and pick your favorite.