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Extreme & adventure activities around Barcelona

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Barcelona is full of activities for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush or for those who have an adventurous spirit. The city offers plenty of sites where you may find extreme and adventure activities such as rock climbing, sky diving, mountain bike, wake board, free jump, rafting or wild excursions. Here is our selection of extreme & adventure activities to do in Barcelona.

Rock Climbing

You can find a lot of areas around Barcelona if you want to climb rocks. The landscape of the Catalan city centre is perfect for climbers, combining mountains, peaks or plains. You can also enjoy a lot of forests, lakes or rivers and some magistic sights. Depending on your level and experience, such areas offer some great rocky walls to enjoy a sporty day! Here is a map when you can find some spots around Barcelona to enjoy your passion or just to discover this amazing experience.

Here is a website to help you BarcelonaClimb 

Mountain Bike

You can find a lot of areas to do mountain bike in Barcelona. For all levels, in Collserola, Montseny, Montserrat, Garraf, Serralada Litoral, Montnegre etc. There are a lot of natural parks or mountains around the city centre but you may need a car to go there. Depending on your level,  you can find some tours between 19 and 130km. You can also find guided tours on the internet if you do not want to plan your route yourself. 

Water Sports

Barcelona is mostly known for its beautiful beaches and its pleasant climate. But if sun-bathing is not your thing, there are a lot of more extreme activities to do at the beach. Indeed, the environment of Barcelona is particularly fitted to practice wake board, kite surf, jet ski, wind surf or long board. You may check the weather before but there is usually a lot of wind so it is perfect for sailing sports. If you are looking for waves, remember that Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean Sea, therefore waves are pretty scarce; yet, you may find a lot of local surfers who can give you valuable advice regarding the best spots and periods to take your board out.

There are some clubs dedicated to these sports where you can rent boards or pay for training sessions. Sometimes you will have to move outside the city centre and to go to Sitges, Montgat or Premià de Mar for example.  Yet, in the city centre you can find some jet ski rentals, surf schools and rentals, wake board clubs and others next to the sea or more inner with lakes.

Here are two websites for cable parks
One website for jet ski rentals BarcelonaJetski 
One website for multi water sports BaseNautica

Bungee Jump, Sky Diving, Paragliding

For experienced sky divers or just for those who want to discover these sensational sports, Barcelona offers plenty of areas where you can feel a rush of adrenaline running through your veines. As you freefall or if you fly over the city and benefit from a great sight, in all cases it is worth it. Many clubs are situated in cities around Barcelona such as Lloret del Mar or Costa Brava but you can easily get to them by car from the capital city.

Here are two websites for sky diving
One website for bungee jumping

Adventure Parks

Have you ever dreamed to do tyrolean and to climb up trees? Have you ever wanted to fly from branches to branches? A lot of adventure parks are located around Barcelona, easily accessible by car. Meters from the ground, you can jump from trees to trees and enjoy a long ride on tyroleans. If you want to experience a rush of adrenaline this is one great solution. Come and fight your fear of heights.   

Here are two websites for adventure parks

Wild Excursions - walk, quad or 4x4 experience

If you want to take on a long walk through the forest, climb rocky walls at the river or to do rafting, some extreme excursions are offered by several clubs around Barcelona. Once again, you may have to move out of Barcelona but you can find a lot of clubs accesible by car from the city centre. Notice that many clubs will be open only during summer.

You can also discover what a 4x4 car or a quad really mean: a concentrate of power. Go in the forest and climb mountains, cross rivers and go through hilly ground. You can rent a 4x4 car in some clubs specialized in uneven excursions.

Here are websites for 4x4 or enduro excursions

Rafting websites
-Agua Diccio
-Rafting Company

Multi-activities park

Some parks offer many activities such as climbing, tyrolean, motorcycle and quad trips, paintball, wild excursions and so forth. There are plenty of companies that offer such activities around Barcelona, but you may needa car to go there.

Here are two websites to help you