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Best Bakeries in Raval

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Longing for warm freshly baked bread, cakes or another sort of sweets? Check out our list of the best bakeries in the Raval district, where you can find some of the most delicious pastries of the area. They might be few, but they are the best. Discover them all and pick your favorite.


Ryekjvik is bar and the most highly noted bakery in the Raval. The bread is famous for being made with 100% fresh and organic products, using techniques brought to Spain from Iceland. They also have delicious sweets and savoury.

Forn Mistral

Forn Mistral is very well-known for their sweet pastries, from their famous chocolate croissants to exquisite birthday cakes. This bakery is not only delicious, it is also affordable.


The Baluards, one of the most classic bakeries in town, is located right off the Barceloneta metro stop. It not only offers a variety of simple yet tasty traditional Catalan favorites, but also offers some of the most yummiest croissants and desserts of the Raval. A great bonus of this bakery is that one can enjoy watching the bakers actually bake all the pastries they are selling.


A bakery with a pleasant environment. It can be found in three different locations across Barcelona, such as in Aribau, Calvet and Gran de Gracia. Turris have all types of pastries, breads, sandwiches, flatbreads, and more. An ideal place to eat a snack.

La Trinitat

Famous for their heavenly muffins and bread of all flavors, as well as their cupcakes and other baked goods. This last recommended bakery is found in the Trinitat neighborhood. Even though it isn't the most convenient neighborhood, this bakery makes the trip worthwhile.