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Barcelona nightlife tips

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Barcelona is well-known for its nightlife and amazing parties. Every night, there is something going on in town. In fact, the city is rich with hip clubs, outdoor discotheques and relaxing lounge bars.

We offer you a few tips regarding Barcelona's nightlife, such as dresscode, drinks, prices, etc. So if are interested in partying here, there are some things you must know.

There are more than 500 bars, music bars, cocktail bars, clubs and nightclubs. The most popular night spots are located on the coastal area of Barcelona.

The best evenings are Thursday evenings, which are called Student Night. It's because many discotheques have free entrances and even free drinks.


You will discover soon that the locals do not only drink sangria, wine or cava.

Most of the people prefer mixed drinks, which are refered to as Cubatas, these drinks usually are Vodka with lemon or whiskey with Coca-Cola. Others enjoy cocktails like Mojitos, or common drinks like Tequila with Limon and shots, known as Chupitos in spanish.


Average price of entrance to a nightclub is around 15 euros. In some nightclubs, this price includes 1 or 2 free drinks. However, in some clubs you can get in for free by appointment or registration.

Average price of drinks will be between 6 and 16 euros.

Going out in Barcelona can be expensive, so here are some tips to make it less expensive and more interesting at the same time:

Enroll yourself on the guest list of a club, you can do this through Facebook or their official websites. This way you may enter for free.

Barcelona has many bars, where you can enjoy alcoholic drinks and even small show. For instance, many tourists go to Chupitos Bar with more than 200 variety of alcoholic drinks, where you pay about 1 or 2 euros for a shot.

Use public transport, such as the metro, which runs on the weekend till 2.00 am.

Dress Code

The dress code in Barcelona really depends on the nightclub or bar you're visiting. In some nightclubs, there are just a few rules and everyone can do what they feel like. However, in some premium clubs, like Sutton or Opium, you have to dress-up.

Areas for going out in Barcelona


There are several areas where you can enjoy the nightlife of Barcelona. You can make a choice depending on your budget and the kind of people you want to meet.

Here you can find a list with the most important and famous areas in Barcelona:

Carrer Aribau

The area around Carrer d´Aribau offers many different bars, clubs and discos. This area is mainly visited by locals.

On the other hand, there are some bars and nightclubs that are frequently visited by a lot of trendy and famous people. (e.g. Sutton)

Where to go: Sutton, Luz de Gas, Costa Breve, Get Back, New Casanovas Club, Tunnel Diagonal, Nick Havana, Soho Club, Samsara, Club Astoria, Club Solo, Opera Club.

Plaça Catalunya


The heart of Barcelona, Plaça Catalunya, is a meeting place for many locals.

Near Plaça Catalunya, there are many nightclubs like Balmes 51, City Hall, Hyde Club and The Roxy Blue.

For bars and pubs, you must look along the streets of Balmes, Casanova, and Diputació Consell de Cent, or go to El Born and Raval districts.

Where to go: Balmes 51, City Hall, Hyde Club, The Roxy Blue, DMIX and Matinee

Port Olympic

Next to the beach, you can find the Olympic Port with lots of bars and nightclubs. If you go to the Moll de Mestral, you will discover many music bars where it is very busy, especially in summer.

There are also a lot of famous nightclubs, like Catwalk, Shoko, Opium Bar and Carpe Diem.


Where to go: Catwalk, Shoko, Opium Mar, Icebar, CDLC, LeKasBash.


In summer, the 'carpas' on Montjuïc are very popular. There are big clubs and open-air discotheques like La Terrrazza, where DJs play until the sun comes up.

On Carrer Tarragona, there are also some nightclubs. Here is where you go if you are mainly into House, Dance and Techno music.

Where to go: La Terrrazza, Discotheque, The One Barcelona, Barcelona Space, Raum Club Privilege Club.