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What to do if you are sick in Barcelona

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Being ill during your holidays can be very irritating. A little illness can be a real obstacle for you to discover the city and a simple lack of information may become a real source of trouble. Here are some advice to take into consideration before coming to Barcelona and others to consider while you are in Barcelona in order not to ruin your amazing stay in the Catalan capital city. You can also encounter some english-speaking doctors in this article in order to help you the quickest possible! 

Ask for your European Health Insurance Card


Before coming to Barcelona, at least 2 or 3 weeks before your departure, you should ask your health insurance for your European Health Insurance Card. This can be essential for you to get a consulting or medecine. This card enables you to go to the doctor or to the hospital and to be reimbursed according to the going policy. Note that in most cases you can go to the doctor without this card, but some specialized institution accept first visitors with the European Card. So if you do not want to wait to get a consulting, you should better get your card before coming to Barcelona. 

Good practices to adopt in Barcelona

The best advice is to avoid risks. Even if there are not so many risks in Barcelona, some practices are advised to prevent from falling ill. The Foreign Ministry advises to avoid plates with mayonnaise because of salmonella poisoning. Even if water from the tap is drinkable and many locals drink it, we advise you not to drink it directly from the tap due to the presence of limestone; therefore, you should better buy bottled water. If you are thirsty during a hot day or if you want to taste cocktails on the beach, do not buy anything from the pakistanis in Barcelona. You will see that many of them sell water bottles, beers or cocktails on the beach but do not try it, most drinks from pakistanis are stored in the sewer. Eventually, avoid eating sea food in little, poor quality restaurants. Also be careful about the sun, do not forget to wear a hat and to apply sunscreen.

Public and private systems

There are public doctors and hospitals and if you visit them your consulting will be free with your Europenan Health Insurance Card. In the pharmacy, you will be ask to pay about 40% of your medecine (which is not covered by the insurance).

With the private system, doctors will ask you to pay directly and your health insurance will reimburse you afterwards with your justification. 

Doctors in Barcelona 

If you get sick, do not panick! Indeed, Barcelona forms part of countries with high-quality medecine, and you can even find doctors who speak your mother tongue; if not, do not fear to visit the doctor even if you do not speak spanish, this is his job and he does not need you to speak to discover what is going wrong!

Here are some english-speaking doctors in Barcelona:

-Dr. Mary McCarthy – Carrer Aribau, 215. Phone: 607 220 040
-Dr. Steven Joseph – Gran Vía Carles III, 37-39. Phone: 935 179 490 
-Dr. Augusto Anguita Mateu – Carrer Londres, 70. Phone: 933 933 116 

Some Spanish words that can help you 

-A doctor: un medico
-Medecine: medicamento
-I am sick: estoy enfermo
-Mi child is sick: mi niño está enfermo
-Where is the pharmacy?: ¿Dónde está la farmacia?
-Hospital: hospital
-Stomachache: dolor de barriga
-Headhache: dolor de cabeza
-Sore throat: garganta irritada
-Sun burn: quemadura del sol
-Food poisoning: intoxicación 
-Vomit: vomitar
-Accident: accidente
-Vertigo: vértigo
-Appointment: una cita