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Safety tips

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First of all it is worthwhile to mention that Barcelona is a relatively safe city. Although the city has experienced a huge boom during the last decade it has remained a calm city, still very friendly to the millions of visitors that come from all over the world.

However, there are some things that you should be aware of when you arrive for the first time to Barcelona:

Avoid Carelessness. Never carry your valuables in a hand bag. This is the most frequent incident related with safety in Barcelona – tourists carrying cash, credit cards, expensive phones in hand bags. If you avert your attention for a second, the phone or credit card on your table or bar counter in front of you will be gone.

Be Attentive with Pick Pockets. It is the next most frequent crime that takes place in Barcelona. It mainly happens in crowded places, for instance in the Metro during rush hours or through Portal de l'Angel. Do not let anybody get too close to you, nor make any body contact, even if they seem to be friendly.

Ignore Fight pickers. Although violent acts against tourist are very rare in Barcelona, you should be careful when you walk in the old city through the small streets and alleys. Do not get into discussions with drunk people and especially do not initiate fights. If somebody tells you something just ignore him and keep walking to your destination.

Alert Robbery. If you happen to be involved in an incident of robbery or crime, especially in the old city, just shout loudly. It is very possible that an undercover policeman is near and he will come fast to your help.

Beware Fake Policemen. Policemen rarely approach tourists so if this happens there is a big chance that they are not real policemen. It happens from time to time some criminals dress up in police uniform and ask for touristic wallets as a ploy to steal their money from them. NEVER hand money or your wallet to a policeman, you are not obliged to show him anything other than you passport.

Respect Traffic Lights. Please comply with the traffic and pedestrian circulation rules. Be careful when crossing the street, don't forget traffic is coming from the opposite direction to the UK. Do not cross the street when the sign is red. People can drive fast and carelessly in Barcelona.

Keep Valuables in Safe Places. Whether you stay in a hotel or you rent a holiday apartment in Barcelona, never leave valuable objects and cash money in your room. Normally nothing should happen but from time to time there are complaints, especially in hotels. Ask for security safes in reception.

Except from these few things to take into account, Barcelona is a very calm city where locals are very friendly and helpful. You shouldn't be worried when you visit Barcelona, as long as you take the precautions mentioned above. It is a beautiful city with impressive sights, numerous of shopping facilities and pleasant weather and therefore a great holiday destination.