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Places to See in Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe, welcoming over a million visitors each year. The reason for such great popularity of the city is a great number of places to see in Barcelona. Therefore, we want to recommend what to visit while you are in the city.

Here are some of the most popular places in Barcelona.

Sagrada Família

Sagrada Família a large Roman Catholic Church is certainly the most famous place in Barcelona, a symbol of the city that is well known outside the borders of Spain. The construction of the church started in 1882, with the most famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí, being involved into the design of the church. The design was established on a remarkable project with a distinctive style that combines Gothic and Art Nouveau forms, and it is considered quite ambitions and complex project, that has yet not been finished.

The construction was interrupted several times in the 20th century, and according to the current plans, the complete project will be finished by 2026. Despite the fact that the church is not completely finished, it has already been included into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and it is a place visited by a lot of tourists in Barcelona.

What to do if you are sick in Barcelona

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Being ill during your holidays can be very irritating. A little illness can be a real obstacle for you to discover the city and a simple lack of information may become a real source of trouble. Here are some advice to take into consideration before coming to Barcelona and others to consider while you are in Barcelona in order not to ruin your amazing stay in the Catalan capital city. You can also encounter some english-speaking doctors in this article in order to help you the quickest possible! 

Financial and Mortgage Procedures for Foreigners

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Ever since the economical crisis hit Spain, it has been hard for banks to hand out any loans or mortgages, especially to foreigners. In case of non payment, it is virtually impossible to repossess goods from abroad, so the bank’s only guarantee is the financed property in Spain. Due to this, the procedures are more strict with foreign clients. However, it is possible to solicit a mortgage through some specific steps that can vary depending on the bank.

Rent a Car in Barcelona

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Although Barcelona's Public Transportation functions almost perfectly, sometimes it is easier to rent a car to ride around and also to escape from the fanfare of the city.

So we have prepared a list of the places that you can rent a car.

Get connected: WiFi Hotspots in Barcelona

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When you are walking around in Barcelona, it would be nice to just sit down somewhere, relax and go online. However, this can sometimes be more difficult than expected. Even though, there are a lot of places with WiFi in Barcelona, paying 4 € for a coffee just to get internet access might be a bit too much.

That's why Barcelona city council came up with a plan, a Program of Free WiFi. This program has WiFi hot-spots that allow people with mobile devices such as a Blackberry, iPhone, Tablets or Laptop to go online for free all over the center of Barcelona.

Safety tips

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First of all it is worthwhile to mention that Barcelona is a relatively safe city. Although the city has experienced a huge boom during the last decade it has remained a calm city, still very friendly to the millions of visitors that come from all over the world.

However, there are some things that you should be aware of when you arrive for the first time to Barcelona:

Parking in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city filled with cars, and because of this, it is difficult to find a parking space. Parking facilities in the city centre are especially difficult, as there are relatively few open parking spaces.

Due to this, parking in Barcelona is restricted and roadside parking must often be paid for.

There are special blue areas which indicate that parking must be paid at a nearby ticket machine.The paid period often lasts from Monday to Friday at 09.00-14.00 and 16.00-21.00, and at Saturdays around 09.00-14.00. The green areas are reserved for residents with only short stay, with a maximum of two hours during the day.

With the following information, we will help you find a parking lot in Barcelona without having to look for space on the roadsides.

Luggage storage in Barcelona

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Every year more than 10 million people visit one of the best cities of the world, Barcelona. The city has many reasons to be visited, due to this, there is a large wave of tourists that end up needing a place to store their baggage. So we have prepared a list below with places you can store your baggage.

Girona Airport

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Girona-Costa Brava Airport, which is located 103 kilometers away from Barcelona, is a widely used alternative to El Prat Airport. People that are travelling to Costa Brava usually choose Girona Airport.

Mostly budget airlines arrive to this airport, so if you are travelling with a budget airlines company, going from/to Barcelona is a significant issue, since it is a bit far from this city. There are different ways of getting from Girona Airport to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Girona Airport. Here we’ve prepared this information:

El Prat Airport

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The main airport of Barcelona is El Prat, which is 13 kilometers away from the center. El Prat was newly renovated in June 2009 with the aim of making the airport a big center for national and international flights. With 2 brand new terminals, modern shops, cafes and restaurants, you can even enjoy while you are waiting for your flight.

Although the airport is a little bit outside of the city, it is very well connected with the public transportation. You have different alternatives to get there by train, bus and taxi. Of course, if you prefer driving, it is also another alternative to public transportation. The key point is to know from which terminal your flight is taking off.

Barcelona Public Transportation - Metro

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When exploring Barcelona, Public Transportation is a must.

If you are staying for a short visit, we recommend you buy single tickets for each journey or a Barcelona Card, which offers not only unlimited rides on Public Transportation, but it also offers discounts in all of Barcelona's Museums.

If you are staying for a long visit, buying individual tickets for each journey is not cost or time effective. For a long term visit in Barcelona, we recommend you buy a T10 ticket, which offers a total of 10 trips through any of the city's Public Transportation.

Barcelona card

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The Barcelona card is a perfect option if you are looking for a diverse experience of Barcelona. With the card you get over 100 discounts and free access to Museums, together with free Public Transport.

The discounts are giving in several museums of the city such as Casa-Museu Gaudí, Fundació Joan Miró, Museu FC Barcelona, Museu Picasso and many more. Further discounts are given at leisure such as the Aquarium, Zoo and Barcelona Mar, and at entertainment events, restaurants and much more.

Learn Spanish in Barcelona

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You want to combine your stay in Barcelona with learning the language? Where else can you learn Spanish language better than in a Spain? Participating in a Spanish Course in Barcelona, the second largest city of Spain and the capital of Catalonia, would be one of the options.

Barcelona offers many high qualified language schools, where you can improve your Spanish while staying in Barcelona. You can find a variety of courses that can be adapted to your own interests and needs, while managing your own time. You can follow short term, but also long term courses.

We've prepared list of some of the most popular language schools in Barcelona.

Original Language Movie Cinemas in Barcelona

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When you are in Barcelona and you want to go to the movies, you can face some difficulties if you do not speak Spanish. The movies in Spain are synchronized or dubbed, which means that they are not in the original language.

However, when you do go to the cinemas in Barcelona, there is a chance that you can see the films in the original version, which is most of the time in English, and the movies will have subtitles in Spanish. If you see V.O (Version Original) or V.O.S (Version Original Subtitulada) this means that the movie will we shown it the original version.

Free Museums Days in Barcelona

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Want to enjoy all the culture Barcelona has to offer and for a good price? Then, we recommend to go visit a museum on free museum days.

Take advantage of this opportunity to stroll through Barcelona's museums and discover more of its heritage. Check the list we prepared with the days one can enter the museums for free in Barcelona. Don't miss out.

Multilingual Bookstores in Barcelona

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English is just one of many languages one will find in this city's bookstores. Barcelona has become a multicultural city over the years, with a constant flow of immigration from many countries. Because of this, there has been a raising demand of multilingual books, not only for the tourists, but for the large amount of foreign student from all the successful business schools as well as the Erasmus students from all over the continent.

Keep in mind that finding books about the city of Barcelona, Catalan and Spanish culture in divers different languages is easier than finding the ones regarding other subjects.

Check out our list with multilingual bookstore in Barcelona.

App Guides of Barcelona

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Nowadays we live in a world of technology and we cannot imagine our life without Internet and gadgets.

Sometimes when you travel it can be very useful to have some support to find out what to visit and where to stay.

Applications for Android, Apple, etc., can really help you to get a lot of information and to make your holiday visit easier. So we've prepared a short list of some of the top apps for tourist in Barcelona.

Boutique Apartments

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- What are Boutique Apartments?

Boutique apartments are a new trend in the real estate market. Boutique is defined by Oxford Dictionary as “a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele”. Within this definition lies the meaning of Boutique Apartment. It is a small, unique and luxurious space.