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Weather in Barcelona

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Weather in Barcelona

Remarkable architecture, wonderful beaches and delicious food are some of the things that have influenced Barcelona to become one of the most desirable travel destinations globally. However, the weather in Barcelona has influenced just as much, as you basically can visit Barcelona during the entire year without any fear of being stuck at the airport due to fog or extreme snow, or being afraid that it might get too hot to go for a walk during the day.
Moderate climate typical of Barcelona creates perfect conditions for sightseeing during the entire year, so if you plan to visit this city, you can choose almost any time of the year for your visit.

In order to provide you with a useful guide on weather in Barcelona, we will describe the weather conditions throughout the year, and we will also provide some useful tips for each season. This will assist you in deciding which period of the year would be perfect for planning a trip to Barcelona.


Winter in Barcelona

Although this is the coldest time of the year, winters in Barcelona are nothing like you are used to. Winter is mild with average temperatures ranging between 5°C and 14°C during the day. It is estimated that on average only about five days a year is the daily temperature lower than 10 °C. There is no frost during the winter days and it rarely snows in winter. January tends to be the coldest winter month.

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Despite the fact that you do need warm clothes, gloves and comfortable boots during the winter months, the weather is not cold enough to prevent people from spending days on the streets of Barcelona. Unlike summer months, when the city is full of tourists and both the streets and the beaches are crowded, winter is the more idyllic time of the year, where you can go sightseeing and walking along empty streets of the city. This kind of weather allows winter festivals to be hosted in the city, the most famous being the New Year celebration, as well as the Christmas celebration, Christmas markets and other events and celebrations organized in the city.

All you need to do is to make sure that the accommodation you choose, regardless if that is an apartment in Barcelona or a hotel, provides heating system to keep you warm when you seek comfort after a day of sightseeing and exploring the city.


Spring in Barcelona

Spring starts off in the end of March, with weather that is still a little bit chilly, especially in the morning and in the evening. During this period, the daily temperatures are around 16 °C and it can get cloudy and rainy, so carrying an umbrella with you is recommended. Throughout April, the weather is still unstable, so there is a possibility of rain now and then. The temperatures are slowly on the rise, so the daily temperature is around 21 °C, while the minimum temperature is around 13 °C. Therefore, you do need a jacket or a coat if you are having a stroll in the morning and in the evening, but you will probably take it off during the day, as the weather gets warmer, especially if it is a sunny day.

As May is getting closer, the daily temperatures rise even more, and the rainy days are slowly replaced by sunny days. May is the favorite month for many people, and it is also the beginning of the tourist season in Barcelona. The temperatures range between 14 °C in the evening and in the morning, and they even go up to 26 °C during the day. The sunny weather can sometimes be windy, especially in the area around the beach. Even though the weather is not warm enough, you will see some people on the beach, swimming and sun bathing, who do not mind the cold water and breeze on the beach. May is also one of the most recommended months to visit Barcelona for sightseeing, as there are not too many tourists yet, but the weather is warm enough that you can spend a day exploring the city. However, the temperature of the water in the sea is still a bit cool, so you might not get the chance to go swimming while you are visiting in May.

June brings even warmer weather, with temperatures rarely dropping below 16 °C even during the morning and the evening, and the daily temperatures occasionally can go even above 30 °C. However, the average temperature for the beginning of June and the end of spring is around 25 °C.


Summer in Barcelona

Summer lasts between June and September, which is the high peak season in Barcelona, but a lot of people tend to say that summer in Barcelona lasts for six months, starting in May and ending in October.
July and August are the warmest months, with temperatures ranging between 28 °C during the day and 20 °C during the night. June and September have average temperatures between 25 °C and 15 °C. Sunny and warm weather is typical for the summer season, but extremely hot weather and temperatures above 32 °C are rare for Barcelona.

This is also one of the reasons why people choose Barcelona during the summer, instead of hot summer resorts. Mild temperatures during the summer are much more suitable for most of the tourists, as they can easily adjust to the weather conditions. This kind of weather also enables tourists to combine the time for relaxation they are going to spend on the beach and the time they are going to spend sightseeing and walking around the city, exploring its beauties and taking astonishing photographs.

Summer is perfect for spending your holiday outside, regardless if you prefer long walks or shopping during the day, or you would rather have dinner on a terrace of a restaurant or visit a beach bar during the evening. Splendid weather conditions during warm summers enable you to spend and enjoy the entire day outside. Besides comfortable cloths which is recommended for summer months, you should have sunscreen and sunglasses at all times, as the weather is mostly sunny, with hardly any rain and clouds during this period of the year.
If you are about to visit Barcelona during the summer months, you have to be prepared for the crowded streets and crowded beaches, as most people who choose to spend summer holiday in this city, would arrive during the summer. As you are visiting Barcelona landmarks, you will also encounter crowded places and you might even have to queue in order to enter a certain sight. A lot of festivals and outdoors activities are held in Barcelona during the summer months, as nice weather is guaranteed.

Having in mind the popularity of Barcelona as a summer destination is very important in order to prepare yourself, not only in terms of crowds you are going to encounter, but also in terms of importance of early booking. This applies to everything, including apartments and other types of accommodation in Barcelona, booking a flight to Barcelona, and even making reservations for restaurants and other sites in Barcelona you plan on visiting during your trip.

August in Barcelona is typically hot, with high humidity. Even though the weather is not extremely hot, it is advisable to avoid sun bathing between the hottest part of the day, between 1 pm and 4 pm. This month is also the period when the temperature of the sea is the highest, which is why the beaches are usually full of visitors. While average yearly temperature of the sea is around 18 °C, the temperature of water in August is 25 °C. July and September are also good choice for swimming, as the sea temperature is around 23 °C.
The city is still popular and visited during September, but it is much less crowded as the peak of season is over. The weather is still sunny and nice during September, but a little bit less hot than August. Due to such weather, this period of the year is also good for sightseeing.


Autumn in Barcelona

Autumn starts in the end of September, with average daily temperatures still above 25 °C. Daily temperatures in late September can even go up to 30 °C, and the weather in the morning and in the evening is still rather warm, with temperatures around 20 °C. As October approaches, the weather is getting cooler, but the time for visiting Barcelona has hardly passed. Temperatures range between 24 °C and 18 °C, which is still good weather for exploring the city and visiting the beach. Although the time for swimming may be over, you could still enjoy sun bathing and having a nice romantic walk along the beach and enjoying the sunny day in the city. At this point, you do need a light jumper or jacket, in case the weather gets a little bit chilly.


November brings even cooler weather and a couple of rainy days, which might interfere with outdoors activities. However, the weather in Barcelona is never too cold, so temperatures between 11 °C and 19 °C are common for this time of the year. If you are in the city in November, you will need a jacket or a coat during the day, and an umbrella in case rain surprises you.
Despite the fact that it might rain occasionally, it is highly unlikely that you will encounter several consecutive days of rain in Barcelona, regardless of the period of the year. Therefore, even if it does rain one day, do not be disappointed, as the weather can change rather quickly, and the rain can be replaced with sunshine in no time.


General weather conditions in the city

In general, April and November are considered to be transitional months, between summer season and winter season. Very changeable weather is typical for these two months, so you should not be surprised with hot sunny days followed by a rainy and cloudy day. Days in this period can be rather warm, with temperatures around 20 °C during the day and around 9 °C during the night. It is estimated that there are around 50 days with rain per year in Barcelona, and most of those are in November, December, March and April.

Snow is very rare in Barcelona. Even if it snows, it usually is in the hilly area around the city, away from the coast. According to the average data, it snows once each year, and over the past decade, it was usually in February. However, it is a rather light snowfall, without causing any problems in traffic. When it comes to stormy weather, this kind of weather is also rare in Barcelona, with occasional storm being possible between August and November. Fog is sometimes present in spring, while sea breeze is typical for the period between May and September.

If you are in dilemma when to visit Barcelona, moderate climate and nice sunny weather with little rain provide conditions for visiting almost any time of the year. The period of the year between October and April is recommended for those of you who want to enjoy sightseeing, attend events and celebrations, and generally see this visit as a city break. On the other hand, if you see Barcelona as your next holiday destination and spending time on the beach is a must for you, you should consider the period between May and September as the best time to visit Barcelona.


Check out weather in Barcelona online

Before you visit Barcelona, you should check out the weather opportunities online for the period you wish to visit Barcelona. There are numerous websites, and we will recommend these two: