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Parking in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city filled with cars, and because of this, it is difficult to find a parking space. Parking facilities in the city centre are especially difficult, as there are relatively few open parking spaces.

Due to this, parking in Barcelona is restricted and roadside parking must often be paid for.

There are special blue areas which indicate that parking must be paid at a nearby ticket machine.The paid period often lasts from Monday to Friday at 09.00-14.00 and 16.00-21.00, and at Saturdays around 09.00-14.00. The green areas are reserved for residents with only short stay, with a maximum of two hours during the day.

With the following information, we will help you find a parking lot in Barcelona without having to look for space on the roadsides.

First thing you must know is that when you find a parking lot, it indicates if there are free spaces with “libre/lliure” or if it is full with “completo”. The procedure is often so that the parking place needs to be paid before returning to the car and leaving.

Paking lots

Parking at Plaça Fòrum

B:SM (Barcelona de Serveis Municipals) is a parking provider with 47 car parks and over 23,000 spaces to park, making it the largest car parking network in Barcelona. It offers a minute-by-minute charging system with a fixed rate of 0,044 €/min and 2.66 €/h. With a prepaid card, the amount of hours can be chosen differing from 25, 50 and 100 hours. For 25 hours, the price is set at 2.2 Euro per hour with a total price of €54.9. It also offers a stay from 1 to 5 days for only 36.20 €, and 7 € per each additional day.

Parking in Estació Nord Barcelona

It is a great place for foreigners to park if they start their trip at the Bus Station, located near Arc de Triomf. For purchasing tickets, the opening hours are from Monday till Friday from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm. The price is € 17.05 per day, and with a P-8 day’s card, you can park for up to 8 consecutive days for € 75.

Parking in B: SM Ona Glories

Located near the Shopping Mall Les Glories, this parking lot offers you parking spaces between 2 to 6 hours at € 5.65, and between 6 to 24 hours at € 17.10.

Parking in Rius i Taulet Fira

This parking counts with 666 parking spaces. It works from Monday to Sunday for 24 hours a day. They charge € 0.050978 per minute, € 3.06 per hour, €39.80 per day and €18.35 at night.

Parking in Sant Genís Vall d’Hebron

With an Electric Car Recharge Point, bicycle and motorcycle parking, this parking is open from Monday to Sundays for 24 h. They charge € 0.049928 per minute, € 3.00 per hour, €38.90 per 24 hours and €17.95 at night.

Tourist Parking Tips

A P-month pass allows to park for 30 calendar days, it can be purchased for € 43.47 a month. It gives you the opportunity to park 12 hours a day in 3 different car parks from Monday until Saturday. These are the following car parks:

Plaça del Fòrum (Pl. d'Ernest Lluch i Martin)
Rius i Taulet Fira (Av. de la Reina Maria Cristina, 16)
Sant Genic Vall d´Hebron (Pg. de la Vall d'Hebron, 138-176)