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Original Language Movie Cinemas in Barcelona

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When you are in Barcelona and you want to go to the movies, you can face some difficulties if you do not speak Spanish. The movies in Spain are synchronized or dubbed, which means that they are not in the original language.

However, when you do go to the cinemas in Barcelona, there is a chance that you can see the films in the original version, which is most of the time in English, and the movies will have subtitles in Spanish. If you see V.O (Version Original) or V.O.S (Version Original Subtitulada) this means that the movie will we shown it the original version.

Below you will find a few cinemas which show movies in original version. First you have to check if it says V.O or V.O.S, because some of these cinemas will play the Spanish version of the film.

Yelmo Cineplex Icaria

At Calle Salvador Espriú, 61. Take Metro L4, and stop at Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica.

This cinema has 15 theaters and is the biggest V.O cinema in Barcelona. The cinema is located in the shopping mall of Vila Olímpica, and they play American and Spanish movies. The Spanish movies will not be subtitled in English.

Cines Verdi

At Calle Verdi, 32. Take Metro L3, and stop at Fontana.

This cinema is located in the area of Gracia. This cinema is small, but very cosy. They do not play many romantic movies, but they do put on a lot of European movies and documentaries.

Cines Renoir Floridablanca

At Calle Floridablanca, 135. Take Metro L2, and stop at San Antoni.

This cinema has 4 auditoriums. Here, you can see a lot of different movies. It is only a 10 minute walk from Plaza Catalunya.

Cines Melies

At Calle Villaroel, 10. Take Metro L1, and stop at Urgell. This cinema is very small, with only two screens. The showing program is very versatile as well as cost effective because you only pay €4 for a ticket.

Cine Malda

At Calle Pi, 5. Take Metro L3, and stop at Liceu.

Probably the most unique/strange cinema of the list, because they also show movies that are in the video shop. So if you are after the latest releases, then this is not for you.

A great feature about coming here is you can see two movies for the price of one, as well as independent films, which you will not see anywhere else. If you like Bollywood movies, this is also a good place to go to.

Above is just a selection of cinemas that I could suggest, but there are plenty more that play the original versions. Just keep an eye out for V.O – then you know that the cinema is playing the original versions.