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Columbus Monument

On the lower end of the Ramblas in Barcelona, you can find the famous Columbus statue. The monument was built in 1888 and has a height of approximately 50 meters. Many people take photos of the statue, but most of them do not know that there is a platform on top, in which you can have an excellent view over the ocean and the city of Barcelona.

It was built in honor of Christopher Columbus, the renowned explorer and discoverer of America, designed by the famous architect Gaietà Buigas i Monravà.

As many of you may wonder, why the statue was built in Barcelona? Well, the reason is because this is the place where the Catholic Kings received Columbus on his return from his first voyage, and at the same time, people did not expect him to return safely.

Most people think Columbus is pointing towards America. In fact, he is pointing in the direction of Algeria, and the reason for this is that people wanted Columbus to point out towards ocean rather than Barcelona city, since he was the first person to cross the ocean.

The statue itself includes many details. There are eight bronze medallions, with each of these medallions representing persons who had an important relationship with Columbus. Furthermore, you can see groups on each side of the statue, and these characters are all people who had something to do with the discovery of America. Moreover, you will see four statues that represent the Spanish kingdoms: Catalonia, Léon, Aragon and Castille.


Plaça del Portal de la Pau, 08039 Barcelona, Spain.


L3, stop Drassanes.
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