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With more than 40 shops-restaurants in Catalunya, Nostrum is the place to go if you are in Barcelona. This local brand is created in 1999 and is nowadays one of the most famous ones in Barcelona.

Nostrum is focused on the quality of its products that's why all the food is 100% natural and the menus are very healthy. This self-service restaurant offers a big variety of dishes, sandwiches, desserts, drinks … You can decide to eat directly in the restaurant, in the terrace or to take away. The food is quite cheap and the quality very good. The menus range from 3,50€ to 6,95€ and you can be sure to be satisfied by what you eat, you can also decide to take food à-la-carte ! In addition, there is the possibility to buy a ´fan´ card for 3€, with this card you only have to pay half the price.

So if you are lazy to eat at restaurant and if you want to eat healthy food without spending too much money, Nostrum is the solution for you ! No waitress, no tips, no silver forks but healthy and natural food in an agreeable area! Another good thing about is that they are located on various spot around Barcelona.


Ajuntament 9
Aribau 139
Balmes 158
Bisbe Sevilla 31
Bruc 60
Casanova 193
Category: Restaurants

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