About Barceloneta

It is an area extremely close to the beach, where you can find cozy restaurants with different types of cuisines and clubs that let their visitors experience the vivid atmosphere of the south. Some of these are very popular among locals and international students who like to go out.

The most pleasant aspect of Barceloneta is that you can be amazed by its great views of the sea, sunrises and sunsets. Around the area, there are two beaches with a temperature of 22 degrees in the summer, they could even reach 24 Cº in August. One of them is named Somorrostro beach, which is about 552 meters long and considered to be a main symbol of the “new Barcelona”. Not a long time ago this part of the city was a slum, where people lived in poor conditions. However, nowadays you can find delightful restaurants, bars and shops here.

The beaches in Barceloneta are fully equipped for people with a disability, as it posses parking areas which make it easier to reach the beach, visual and tangible informative signs, specially adapted toilets, a wooden path down to the water and adapted showers. Another of its beach is called Barceloneta, which is more suitable for those who like sport activities, such as beach volleyball, beach tennis, table tennis and gymnastics. Both beaches have information points, toilets, changing rooms and food kiosks.

Apart from great views, Barceloneta is also well-known for the Museum of the History of Catalonia, which features the history of Catalonia and its heritage. Two floors are occupied by the permanent exhibition of Catalan history from palaeolithic age to the Catalan elections of 1980. The Palau de Mar building also houses some excellent restaurants on the ground floor where you can dine with views of the Port Vell.

Things to do in the area