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The Mussol restaurants

The Mussol is a very popular restaurant chain that belongs to the AN Group –a well-established company in the food industry and renown for its great value for money.

There are 4 different Mussol restaurants in Barcelona and each is equally attractive and appealing.

The restaurant is known for its Catalan inspired specialization in charcoal-grilled meat and vegetables. It is often fully booked so that a reservation is essential in order to enjoy a relaxed evening there.

The simple, traditional, affordable yet high quality concept makes the Mussol restaurant a very attractive eating place for almost all customer segments –the price-conscious, the meat-lover, the traditionalist or the modernist.


+34 933 01 76 10

Часы открытия

Every day between 8:00 am and 12:00 am


Mussol Aragó: Aragó, 261, 08007 Barcelona
Mussol Pedralbes: Av. Diagonal 611-613, Diagonal Pedralbes Centre, 08028 Barcelona
Mussol Caspe: Casp, 19, 08006 Barcelona
Mussol Diagonal: Av. Diagonal, 488, 08006 Barcelona
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