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Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe

The one and only beach burger cafe in town! They not only have the best burgers in town, their cocktails are worth a trying out as well! Stay late for passionfruit shots and come back early to recover with a delicious Detox smoothie. With the makamaka specials of the month and their veggie burgers their will always be a burger that suits you! The Makamaka Beach Burger cafe is located near the beach of Barceloneta. After a day relaxing at the beach you can sit down at this inviting and homely restaurant to enjoy wonderful burgers and cocktails. Check out their facebook for the latest burgers and cocktails! : https://www.makamaka.es/?


932 21 35 20

Часы открытия

Monday-Thursday: 12:00h - 2:00h
Friday and Saturday: 12:00h-03.00h
Sunday: 12:00h-2:00h


Passeig de Joan de Borbó Comte de Barcelona 76 metro: L4, Barceloneta
Категория: Рестораны

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