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Parc de Montjuic

The Montjuic Park offers several of green areas and gardens, museums and cultural attractions, sports facilities and Olympic sites. Montjuïc speaks to us about the history and life of a hill that has helped define Barcelona's personality.The 1992 Olympic games brought a strong renewal to the city. Located in the Sants district, the park also hosts museums such as the Fundació Miró, the Museu d´Arqueologia, the Museu Etnològic or the famous MNAC. The parks offers a true bowl of air and a splendid sight of Barcelona.

Other attractions of interest are:
 -The Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol), a collection of houses in different Spanish architectural styles
-The Palau Nacional, initially built to be the central pavillon of the 1929 International Exhibition, the neo-baroque Palace hosts the MNAC (Museu National d´Art de Catalunya), the most important Museum of the city.
-The Magic Fountain, a large fountain built in 1929 from which you have an incredible view over the Palace
-The Castell de Montjuic, the oldest sight of Montjuic and a 18th Century fortress built for the defense of the city. 

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