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VERY CHEAP travelling ideas from Barcelona - to France for 5 euros?

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You come to Barcelona for two weeks or more and do not want to stay here all the time? Maybe You have seen Barcelona before and want to make a little trip for 2 days somewhere, closer or further? Here we have some ideas. Ideas that will not make Your pocket empty.

We know how it usually is - we speak a lot about cheap travelling and then it turns out that we cannot find any offers or they cost usually more than expected. Now we would like to reveal some secrets of cheap travelling from Barcelona. Not all of the trips will be always 100% comfortable, we will mention some trips by bus, which may last kind of long but for traveling lovers with tight budget it should not be a problem. Here we will present just few offers, if You are interested in other destinations - do a research within mentioned below websites by yourself.

15 things You should think of before coming to Barcelona

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Not many food stores opened on Sundays? Tipping not being very popular? Metro not always coming on time? La Rambla not being that cool in every aspect? You will not find all of this information in guidebooks.

While travelling, the easiest information to find is about places or monuments worth seeing or addresses of restaurants with tasty food. There are technical tips though that can improve your stay, but they are much harder to find.

Read the very useful hints that each tourist should know before coming to Barcelona.

Catalan - A little different Spanish or a whole other story?

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Is Catalan really different from Spanish? Do I need to know basics of Catalan when I go to Barcelona? Will people in Barcelona understand if I speak Spanish? Is Barcelona good place to learn Spanish?

Many tourists that are planning to come to Barcelona are asking themselves these questions. That is why we will present here interesting facts about Catalan language as well as useful language tips a tourist will need while traveling to Barcelona. There first thing You need to know is that Catalan is a different, autonomic language mostly not similar to Spanish at all.

Visiting Barcelona with kids - what to do and where to go

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Travelling with children is very amazing and leaves wonderful memories, but at the same time is much harder to organize than traveling alone or in couple. If You come to Barcelona with kids, probably You are wondering where to go with them, what to see, how to make the time for them unforgettable. In this article we will recommend some places and activities that You and Your children will love. 

We want to mention also about some tips for traveling with kids to Barcelona, to make Your stay more pleasant and easier to manage.


Ghosts and haunted places of Barcelona

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Barcelona is full of secrets and mysteries. Lots of legends and tales are spread within the city. Some places are said to be haunted and guided tours are even offered for those who want to enjoy a scary night in the small streets of the Catalan capital city. Come and discover the mysterious Gran Teatre del Liceu, the haunted Gaudí metro station, the bizarre Casa del Carrer Giner or the scary Carrer dels Mirallers. Here is our selection of the ghostly places in Barcelona! 

Tapas in Barcelona

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Tapas are an attraction for gourmet and tourists who, without any doubt, will taste some of them during their stay in Barcelona. But why are these small plates so popular? Where do they come from? Where to find the best tapas in Barcelona? Here you can discover the history of tapas as well as our selection of the best dishes and restaurants in the Catalan capital city if you want to enjoy tapas!

The 11 secrets and mysteries of Sagrada Familia

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La Sagrada Familia, the masterpiece of Gaudi, is probably the most famous monument in Barcelona. Attracting 3 million visitors every year, the building –which is going to be finished only in 2026- hides many amazing secrets and mysteries behind its walls. Indeed, did you know that Sagrada Familia is funded exclusively by alms and donations?  Did you know that Gaudi planned the construction of the monument even after his death? Did you know it was the most visited monument in Spain? Here are some secrets that Gaudí brought in his tomb but which were eventually discovered.

Subcultures in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a very living city which is really open-minded. Therefore, you may encounter several cultures throughout the Catalan capital city, including gays, skaters, punks and others. Some of these subcultures have a deep history which interestingly comes from the Franco dictatorship. Others arouse due to the Spanish open-mindness. In any case, it makes the city more vibrant and enriches the Catalan culture. Here are some subcultures you can discover in Barcelona.

What to do if you are sick in Barcelona

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Being ill during your holidays can be very irritating. A little illness can be a real obstacle for you to discover the city and a simple lack of information may become a real source of trouble. Here are some advice to take into consideration before coming to Barcelona and others to consider while you are in Barcelona in order not to ruin your amazing stay in the Catalan capital city. You can also encounter some english-speaking doctors in this article in order to help you the quickest possible! 

Extreme & adventure activities around Barcelona

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Barcelona is full of activities for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush or for those who have an adventurous spirit. The city offers plenty of sites where you may find extreme and adventure activities such as rock climbing, sky diving, mountain bike, wake board, free jump, rafting or wild excursions. Here is our selection of extreme & adventure activities to do in Barcelona.

Catalan cuisine - the best cuisine you have ever heard of

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Traveling to the place without trying its food is making the trip lack of something very important. Coming to Barcelona You are probably wondering what to try, but do not get misled that Catalan cuisine is the same as Spanish. It is not. What is more, it is one of world's best cuisines with several restaurants with Michelin stars and worldwide known chefs.

Day trips from Barcelona

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If you want to explore the region of Catalunya, there are plenty of activities to do in terms of areas you can visit or entertaining activities that are offered outside the Catalan capital city. 
In some cases, you do not need to rent a car, you can travel by train or bus if you want to discover the surroundings of the city centre. It is a very rich region with many areas that you can visit just by skipping Barcelona for the day. On the North or the South of Barcelona, you can discover great sights, beautiful cities, museums and beaches. Here is our selection of day trips from Barcelona.

Theme parks and water parks around Barcelona

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If you want to enjoy a great, funny and refreshing day, a lot of parks are available with a radius of 100km from Barcelona. Most of them are accessible directly from the city centre by bus or train; for others, you may rent a car or take the bus/train from another city. 

Those parks include theme parks, such as the very famous Port Aventura Them Park in Salou, where you can enjoy amazing, top European attractions or water parks where you can enjoy astonishing slides or just relax into the pools. Some water parks also offer interactions with dolphins and seals such as the Aquópolis and the MarineLand water parks or with big cats or bears such as the safari offered by the Aqualeon water park.

10 things to do for free in Barcelona

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Have you ever wished to discover the Catalan capital city without paying a cent? Do not worry, here is the solution with this top 10 free things to do in Barcelona for free. Indeed, Barcelona is full of activities, sights, events, buildings, parks, markets and beaches that you can enjoy freely. From the typical districts, to the most famous beaches, also including the most secret places as well as local tips, you will enjoy your day and nights through Barcelona without paying a penny! So get on that incredible, free tour we offer you and you will discover Barcelona from another viewpoint!

Everything you ever wanted to know about FC Barcelona

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All about FC barcelona

On October 22, 1899, Hans Kamper placed an advertisement in a local newspaper claiming his wish to form a football club; a few positive
answers led to a meeting at the Gimnasio Solé on November 29th. Eleven players attended, led by Joan Gamper. FC Barcelona was created.

The club has become a symbol of Catalan culture and Catalanism through the years, with the motto "Més que un club" (More than a club).

Vintage and second-hand shops in Barcelona

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Like in many other European cities, Barcelona is a very fashionable urban area. People like to dress up and follow the newest trend. However what's in right now is to take grandma's clothes and go with the vintage vibe. If you don't have any vintage outfits, shoes, purses or accessories, there are many vintage shops in Barcelona that have countless retro items to offer.

Barcelona's secret places

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When walking through the lovely Barcelona streets, you will be no stranger to the elegant charm of the Eixample. With its imposing 19th-century layout, it is the heart city's architecture. Magnificent modernist buildings gaze proudly over the tree-lined boulevards.

The Eixample's urban lattices are speckled with green. Many of these green spaces have been carved in recent years from the patios that form the center of each city block. They can be reached down narrow passageways or by cutting through a building.

Financial and Mortgage Procedures for Foreigners

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Ever since the economical crisis hit Spain, it has been hard for banks to hand out any loans or mortgages, especially to foreigners. In case of non payment, it is virtually impossible to repossess goods from abroad, so the bank’s only guarantee is the financed property in Spain. Due to this, the procedures are more strict with foreign clients. However, it is possible to solicit a mortgage through some specific steps that can vary depending on the bank.